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creative writting diary entries world war 1.

SAAN chips 2 / 2  
Apr 3, 2013   #1
i need some ideas on a creative diary entries based on world war 1.

preferably keep 3 diary entries.

diary entry 1= a solider who gets the role of captian...he thinks war is fun and easy
diary entry 2= war is negitive, he is unable to lead his men, and its traumatising
diary entry 3= his trauma and negative influance towards war..

this is seriously so fun but at the same time difficult?

could you guys please recommend me some ideas or elaborate on these ideas.

Thanks for your help
jlion234 1 / 4  
Apr 3, 2013   #2
For entry 1, you can elaborate on a battle that he gets sent out to. Maybe talk about the Battle of Marne or Gallipoli.

If anything, you go in chronological order using 1 and 3 and then as a side entry, write about the progress of the battle and the effect it's having on the captain which has him question the purpose of the war in general which in turn affects his ability to lead his men.
OP SAAN chips 2 / 2  
Apr 3, 2013   #3
ok thanks?
but there's a word limit so i want to keep it consices and good...

it doesnt have to be accurate..
we have to write as if were the soldier ,so yea.. :)

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