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How your day goes on April 29 2025 - UWC scholarship / speech writing

jackie148 2 / 16  
Sep 20, 2015   #1
" Describe how your day goes on April 29 2025"
Can you tell me how to write this essay? I am applying for UWC scholarship.
Thank you !!
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Sep 20, 2015   #2
Nguyen, the essay that you need to write for this prompt requires you to have a vivid imagination and a plan for your future. You need to think forward to the year 2025 and imagine what kind of world we will be living in then and what kind of life you will be leading. What kind of college course are you planning to pursue at the moment? Do you have any future plans or ambitions for yourself for after graduation? Develop those ideas for this essay.

You can start by creating a list that contains your plans for your future and imagine how our world could possibly be by that time. Then create a draft story that contains these elements. Make sure to highlight the fact that you see yourself as being a highly successful and notable name in your field of expertise. That way you can portray your career goals and plans over the coming years.

It is important that you be very specific about your accomplishments at this moment in time because the reviewer wants to know that you have the desire and ambition to achieve something great for yourself and the world. So this day in particular can be related in two ways. One essay can portray a typical day for you in relation to your career of choice or, it can be a highly important day for you in your career. You could pretend that you are receiving the Noble Prize, a Purple Heart, or some sort of recognition that is highly valued in your line of work. Maybe, you can even pretend that this will be the day you end world hunger, cure cancer, or develop an acceptable peace plan for the world.

Let your imagination soar. You can be anybody in the world that you created for this essay. Talk about yourself, your accomplishments, and the world as you see it at the time. Don't scrimp on your story telling. Be as imaginative as you can be. Let your future self shine in this essay.
OP jackie148 2 / 16  
Sep 20, 2015   #3
thanks Vagiespen !!!
But should i write it as a routine or what ?? Like: what i do in the morning,afternoon, evening ??
Can u show me an outline ?? :))
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Sep 20, 2015   #4
You have the right idea. The essay can actually be set during any time of the day, any place of your choosing, and any event that you want to use. Let me try to give you a sample of the essay. If I were to write this essay, it would go something like this:

The date is April 29. 2025. The alarm clock beckons me to get out of bed at 5:00 AM. Normally I would grudgingly get out of bed at this time. After all, I work the mid-day shift at the local hospital. Today is a very special day though and I am excited to go back to the hospital even though I am not on call today. I take my shower and wake my husband and children, this is a special day for them too. I've never seen them so excited to be awake this early. My husband tells the children to hurry. He has promised the family as special breakfast at IHOP today.

My children have never gotten into their casual wear so fast. Maybe it is because they get to skip school today, or maybe they are excited for me too. Whatever the reason, they have never been this obedient or cooperative in the past. Before I know it, the kids are pulling me out of the house. I am barely able to lock the front door before my husband honks the horn for us to get moving. It is now 7:00 A.M. Breakfast seems to fly past us like a dream. We are off to the airport now where my parents are waiting to be picked up. We pile into the van and head to the hospital.

The hospital is dressed in its official colors of white and green. I assure my youngest child that he can take home some balloons after the event. We make our way to the auditorium. I leave my family in their special seats and I head backstage. The president of the hospital is there, smiling at me and congratulating me for a job well done. He tells me I have a bright future with the hospital. An aide approaches us and asks us to take our positions on stage. I sit in the middle together with the board of directors and chairman of the board of the hospital.

The president begins his speech. I can see my children starting to fidget in the middle of the speech. I signal for them to quiet down. My husband grabs our son before he can make a run for freedom. Then I hear the special words that were meant to mark this special day. " Her accomplishments as an oncologist have brought us the greatest honor possible. She has placed this hospital at the forefront of cancer treatment. No, not treatment. Allow me to let her tell you herself. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the woman who cured cancer, Dr. Fox".

I stand up and go to the podium to make my speech. Yes, April 29, 2025 will definitely be a day for the history books, and I will be a permanent part of it as well.


Just is just a sample of how you can approach the essay. Feel free to write anything you want. I can work with you on cleaning it up if you would like to. Write a draft and see where it takes you :-) Good luck.
lcturn87 - / 435 236  
Sep 20, 2015   #5
Hi, I can help you with some ideas begin writing this essay. Since it is 2015, this is something that will occur 10 years from now. Therefore, I need to ask you a question. What are your future plans 10 years from now?

If you receive this scholarship and graduate in four years from this university, you should think about if you have any other educational plans. In four years, some students may obtain a bachelor's degree then work full-time. Other student's may pursue a master's degree. If you decide to be a doctor or lawyer, that could be seven or eight years.

If you finish all of your educational pursuits in 10 years, you could discuss a typical work day in your field. Would you think about a promotion on that day? Do you have a brilliant idea that could help your company in the future?

There are many ways you can answer this question, but I truly feel that your major will strongly influence your answer.
OP jackie148 2 / 16  
Sep 21, 2015   #6
Thank you ! I want to be a CEO so can you tell me how can i write it ? Iam applying for UWC scholarship so i dont know should i tell them my future plan is being a CEO.

I dont know how to start to write
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Sep 21, 2015   #7
Definitely let them know what your future plans are. Since you know what you hope to be in the future, I can suggest some approaches for the essay that might be able to help you.

1. You can write it as a reflective essay. For example, you can pretend you are sitting in the back of your limo, having been picked up for your first day of work. The day is April 29, 2025 and you are going to reflect on your past achievements that have led to this very day. You can close the essay by entering your office and being greeted with a sign on your door that has your name and the letters CEO underneath it. End the story.

2. The date can be the day of your retirement from your job as a CEO. Again it is a reflective essay. As you go about your final day in the office, you can reflect upon how you have changed the business world for the better. Noting your lifetime of achievements if any. Then close the essay by closing the door one final time in your office.

3. You can opt to make the date something about a big achievement in your career as a CEO. Perhaps the launch of a product that will totally change the market landscape. All of which came from your ideas. Hence the product is your brain child (think Steve Jobs and the Iphone). The date becomes memorable because of the historical event.

So far, I can only think of 3 approaches to the essay. I hope that you can use one of them. Work on a draft. I'll help you fix and polish the work if you wish :-) Good luck!
OP jackie148 2 / 16  
Sep 21, 2015   #8
in other section of my application, i tell them that i like culture,meeting people from other countries and traveling. But i dont know who to be ??? thats why i choose to be a CEO ( i like business too)

But if i write about culture and traveling, how can i write ??
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Sep 21, 2015   #9
This date in particular has to always be about something big, eventful, even historical in nature for you. So you can talk about anything you want without fear of judgement. What the reviewer needs to know is that you have an actual ambition or game plan for your future. Whether it be professional or social in nature does not really matter. This type of essay does not have a right or wrong response. It just has a response.

So if you want to talk about traveling and meeting other people then go for it. You can discuss something along the lines of meeting people and setting up a foundation to help support a particular cause in a specific country because of certain reasons. Remember the event can be fictional in nature because nobody really knows who or what we will be on that date. So you can feel free to get wild and crazy with what you see happening to you on that date. Let your imagination soar.

Why don't you try to write something related to your interest in culture and travel? Just make it a draft that you can post here for further review and advice. That way I'll be able to offer more specific details regarding how you can outline and develop the essay. At this point, I can throw all sorts of ideas at you but it you do not have any interest in it, then I won't be able to help you so much. I'll be waiting for your draft alright? We're here to help.
OP jackie148 2 / 16  
Sep 21, 2015   #10
i dont know what event related to my interest.
My ambition right now is going abroad ( USA the most). But 10 years later i will be 26 years old. maybe at that time i wil have had reached that goal.

at 26 i want to be a CEO but i want to travel-meeting at any age
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Sep 21, 2015   #11
Ok. Why don't you just try to imagine what you life will be like when you are 26? Try this. Outline a detailed career plan for yourself. Imagine yourself being that CEO at the age of 26. What kind of road did you have to travel to achieve that position? Where are you working? What big projects did you successfully accomplish for the company? Try to think of the ways that your career will have taken off and unstoppable at that point.

After you outline your career plans, try to think of something big that can happen on that date. Maybe the company you are working for will recognize your achievements and give you a lifetime achievement award. Maybe they will be offering you a board of director position on that date. Maybe you will have to make a career or life altering decision on that date. Try to think of something big that you want to have happen on that date and build an essay around it. That is how you start or draft an essay of this type.

Like I said earlier, you can write about anything at this point. The important thing for you to do right now is to actually write something. Nobody cares what you write about as long as you get started on the process. I know it isn't easy. There is no perfect topic for the essay. There is only a topic. So choose a topic and try to build an essay story around it. It can be anything from a paragraph to 3 sentences. It doesn't matter. What matters is that you post something here that we can look at and say, "Okay, now that we have this start, this is how you can direct the essay." At this point, we do not have anything to work with. You need to come up with the topic of your essay. We will be able to assist you from there.
OP jackie148 2 / 16  
Sep 21, 2015   #12
thank u a lot. i start writing it now. and hope you will help me with my grammar. @vangiepen can i send you my essay by gmail or sth like that ?? Cause iam applying for a scholarship so i dont want anyone to read my idea ( before the deadline ) . Sorry :(((
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Sep 21, 2015   #13
Unfortunately I can't give you my email address because doing so is against the forum rules. Don't be afraid to post your essay here. I've been participating at this forum long enough to know that the essays here are not plagiarized because the people that run the forum make an effort and take great pains to protect all of the essays posted here for advice.

If it makes you feel any better though, you can post your essay here in parts for our review. That way nobody can copy your ideas or plagiarize your paper. Once you have finalized the paper, you can contact the forum admin regarding the process you have to undergo in order to delete your thread. Once you delete the thread, your essay disappears from our system. This totally eliminates any danger of copyright infringement or plagiarism of your paper.

I understand how you can feel anxious and unsure about posting your essay here. I would give you my email address if I could. The best approach I can offer you is to have your essay edited in parts in this thread. Perfect the first part or first 2 parts and then post the latter part for editing. That way it will become hard for anyone to copy your paper.

You can trust me on this. I once helped a student here revise his personal statement about 24 times. Nobody even tried to copy his essay. The moderators of this forum always do their best to protect your essays as best as they can. I'm willing to help you if you are willing to take a chance by posting your essay here. I'll help you review, revise, and edit it in any way that you post it.
OP jackie148 2 / 16  
Sep 21, 2015   #14
you know, i have tried to research " describe how your day goes on April 29 2025 " on google, and then i have seen my thread and all your comments. image if i were another person, i could copy it easily
Opuntia - / 10 3  
Sep 21, 2015   #15
i dont want anyone to read my idea

Read this - you shouldn't be worried - it's your genuine content and you can always prove it.
OP jackie148 2 / 16  
Sep 21, 2015   #16
I mean when my essay appears on google, someone can find it and then they copy it to become his/her idea.
Iam applying for UWC, and maybe the person who wants to copy my idea is applying for UWC too
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Sep 21, 2015   #17
Jackie, EssayForum is an open platform for free of charge academic support. We encourage the exchange of ideas between the participants at the forum. When you registered for our help here, you knew that you would be asked to advice other students regarding their own academic quandaries. Be it by research advice or helping to develop essay statements. That said, you are right, your paper can be Googled by others. That is what we want at this forum. That is the method by which we help others and grow our advising community.

What makes you think that anybody who reads your essay, even if you are applying for the same scholarship, would copy your idea? Maybe that person will use it as a reference point. He most certainly will not copy your content for you are two individuals with different personalities and therefore, different ideas as to how you would view that important day. Should he use your essay as the basis for his own essay, then you should be proud to have been able to help someone develop his essay. That you were the inspiration for that person's writing.

We are a helpful community at this forum. We do not think twice about helping those who need it. So we expect the same of others who participate in this forum. We base our activities around trust. Trust that because we help one another, we will not steal ideas or essays from one another. Since you feel uncomfortable doing that, perhaps you should look for a paid essay writing service instead.
OP jackie148 2 / 16  
Sep 22, 2015   #18
OK. I get it . Thanks a lot. But i still dont know what event to write. :((((( I have been looking for it but i coulnd. I want to combine business with countries and culture. And it can help our world as well
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Sep 22, 2015   #19
I really don't understand why you can't come up with something for this. I mean, all you have to do is look around you for the perfect examples of successful business people who know how to be CEO's while helping the world. Look at Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk as a few of the people who have successfully done what it is you want to do.

You can actually base your event upon any of the experiences of those people. Pretend you were in the position of one of those names. Pretend that you were in charge of a similar corporation. How would you change the world for the better? Would you build something? Create a breakthrough foundation? End world hunger? Create an unlimited source of power for 3rd world countries? What can you do?

All you have to do is this, think of the biggest dream you have ever had in life. One that you think you can never achieve. Then, think about what it would be like to achieve it in ten years. How would it occur? How would you react? Where would it take place? Fill in the blanks for that information and you have the premise for "how your day goes". Just use the date that the prompt provides for the specific day it happens.

Write something. No matter how unimaginable it is. Then post it here and we will help you develop it, make it sound more realistic, and then edit it so that you can use it for your application. Like I said before, there are no right or wrong answers, just your imagination of what that day will be like. Have a go at it. We will be here to support you :-)
OP jackie148 2 / 16  
Sep 22, 2015   #20
i know but i if i write about sth like Mark Zuckerburg, Bill gates,... they are not related to my interest. they are not about travel, culture, countries :(((
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Sep 22, 2015   #21
Okay, I spent about 2 hours trying to think of a way to help you get around your mental block regarding this particular date. Here is what I have come up with. Please consider my suggestion very well. Use it as the basis of any other ideas that may come to your mind after you hear me out. Don't block me out. Just listen, consider, and develop.

You keep saying that you want to be a CEO and at the same time you want to travel and experience various cultures. So why not imagine yourself as the CEO of a travel and tourism company? This setting will allow you to explore your abilities as a CEO and allow you to travel and learn about other cultures. Imagine that for the past 10 years, you have traveled the world and conquered the tallest summit, Mt. Everest. Of all your travels, it was this sojourn that had the most impact upon you.

In reality, Mt. Everest is already being ravaged by mountain climbing tourism. It has been adversely affected by the unwarranted and ill planned climbs. The trash problem on the mountain is fast becoming a clear concern for many environmentalists. So this is my suggestion. Imagine yourself in 10 years, having previously conquered Everest and now, returning with representatives of your company and some other international environmental agencies, you are ready to do your part in saving one of the most important tourist sites in the world.

You will use the date at this point to mark that activity. All you have to do now is explain how as the CEO, you managed to develop an environmental plan that will help save the mountain by promoting tourism and the culture of the Himalayas ( I think that it where Everest is?). That is what will mark the date. The international press will be there, imagine what your announcement will be like. Will it be big and create an international event? Will you be receiving and environmental recognition for this accomplishment? What can happen?

This is just an idea to help guide you in considering the theme of your essay. At this point, you need to take what I am giving you and use it to develop your original idea. If you are truly lost, then use this theme and the guide questions I have provided. All you need to do is breath and keep your wits about you. I hope that I was able to help you at least get an idea as to how you can combine your ambition with your interest in travel and culture.

Best of luck!
OP jackie148 2 / 16  
Sep 22, 2015   #22
but who pays us ??? is it a non profit company ????
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Sep 22, 2015   #23
This essay is not about a specific career plan. This is a whimsical approach to your future. Do not overthink it. Overthinking it is the reason you are trapped in a box and cannot find your way out. The only thing that you need to accomplish in this essay is the writing of a story of who and what you dream you can be in 10 years. it does not have to be realistic, represent a career plan, or even be grounded in reality. If you want to be very specific about who pays you, then the choice is yours. You are supposed to write this paper. I am not supposed to write it for you. I have already fed you enough information to get you more than started.

Try to think about certain aspects of the essay from your point of view. The essay needs to portray a part of your personality. Regardless of how fictional it is. You need to place some part of your personality within it. Who pays? You struck it extremely rich with your travel agency. You now own an international chain of environmentally friendly travel agencies. You are so rich that you can afford to bankroll this project yourself. Just like the Gates' and Zuckerberg's of this world.

Imagine something about yourself that will fit into an ultra rich profile. Ultra rich, that is who you will be in 10 years. A trillionaire philantropist who can afford to save the world. That sounds exactly like the personality you should portray. Why don't you try writing something original based upon my suggestions. See where your imagination takes you. You won't get anywhere with this essay if you do not at least try to write something. Stop fretting and worrying. Just write. Once you get started, things should easier for you.
Rich Monte 2 / 94 2  
Sep 22, 2015   #24
Thank you ! I want to be a CEO so can you tell me how can i write it?

Let me tell you, you are not going to be a CEO. Your posts show you aren't a very hard-working student, you demand from others way more than you demand from yourself; you don't like to make an effort and do your very best. You waste too much time on Facebook and other unproductive websites and many of your peers are ahead of your level. If you want to be a CEO, act like one - hire a paid professional editing service and communicate with them privately as needed.
OP jackie148 2 / 16  
Sep 22, 2015   #25
Rich monte : i apply too late for the scholarshjp. And i have never written a why essay. So i need your help. I cant do it well by myself. My writing is not good
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Sep 22, 2015   #26
Jackie, we understand your predicament. However, we are not a paid writing service so we cannot write the essay for you. I have armed you with the information that you can use to create a draft essay. Now get to work on writing the essay based upon the information you were given. Make the ideas I provided your own. Then provide us with the copy here so that we can help you edit, revise, and finalize the content of your essay. You said so yourself, you are applying late for the scholarship. So stop wasting time and start writing.

Outline the ideas that were provided to you then try to develop a story. You have seen the other samples on this forum, go ahead and get inspiration from them. Regardless of whether or not the essay depicts what you want to say, what is important is that you have examples to help you figure out what kind of essay you want to write and how you want to write it.

The draft is just the first step in developing your essay. You have already wasted so much time procrastinating in this thread. Your deadline is looming and I already told you we cannot write the essay for you. We can only review and advice you about the content and format. Nothing more, nothing less. You have more than enough information to help you at least find your way towards a decent draft.

With regards to your having bad writing skills and your inexperience when it comes to writing essays, I agree with Rich Monde, if you feel you cannot write the essay then by all means, hire a professional writing service so you can get the job done. Whatever you decide to do, we know the decision will be what you feel best suits your needs. Good luck.
OP jackie148 2 / 16  
Sep 22, 2015   #27
thank u alot for your useful advices.
justivy03 - / 2,366 607  
Sep 23, 2015   #28
@jackie148, as I read through the rough draft the @vangiespen wrote, I can say that somehow you have managed to write your essay, if for some reason you're still having doubts and still have time to polish it I'd like you to consider the guidelines below;

- yes, your imagination,your goals and aspiration and your futuristic ambition on how the world we live in would look like on that year
- gather facts, specially the technological ones that would greatly change and affect our daily life by that time
- incorporate your personal goals and make it known in your essay as this is meant to be your application essay to the university
- mind your language rules and review on them if you need to
- read a few research and technological advancements that can be a great addition to your essay

Most of all, enjoy writing and write it with the hopes of contributing to the institution for greater good and welfare not only for the students but also for the community around you.

We're hoping to see your essay here on EF so we can help you further.
OP jackie148 2 / 16  
Sep 23, 2015   #29
Iam trapped. I searched for environmental plan to save Everest but i find it not new :(((( wat will happen 10 years later ? i still cant find it
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Sep 23, 2015   #30
This essay is not based upon research. So you really won't find the correct ideas by researching. You need to dream of and imagine the solutions to the problem of Mt. Everest. If you insist on basing this upon reality, then do the following:

1. Research Mt. Everest and take note of the environmental problems the climbers are causing. The trash they leave, the destruction of the mountain from the base camp. Note anything and everything you find.

2. Read the information at this website martinedstrom/projects/saving-mount-everest/. That website deals specifically with the Mt. Everest problem and could give you ideas about the solutions that can be implemented.

I am sure that those websites can help you develop a connection between your ambition as a CEO and the world changing event for the day. Remember, I won't be writing the essay for you. Write something and I will help you polish it.

Look for ideas in the website that point to possible solutions that the CEO of a travel agency can actually help to accomplish. I have the confidence that you will finally be able to get yourself on track towards writing this essay. There is nothing more I can do for you short of writing the essay for you and you know I cannot and will not do that. This is your essay, your voice, your thoughts. Do your best to represent yourself in it. We will guide you towards that.
OP jackie148 2 / 16  
Sep 24, 2015   #31
iam writing it. but its hard to write it in only 400 words. I will post it when i have done
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Sep 24, 2015   #32
Jackie, make your closing statement your opening statement so that it becomes immediately clear to the reviewer that you are responding to the prompt. The essay you wrote is a very good draft and offers a lot of opportunities to approach your essay in various ways. I can tell that you made ample use of the links I provided to you. I hope you saw that if you know the correct keywords and don't give up on researching, you will eventually come to find what you are looking for. There isn't any information that you need that isn't on the internet. So, now we tackle the problem of meeting the 400 word count. There are 2 ways that you can approach this as far as I can tell.

The first way, is to use the information you learned about saving Mt. Everest in creating a speech that you delivered to the crowd that gathered at base camp that day. Use 100 words to set up the scene and 300 words for the speech. Just create a simple description of the base camp and then formulate a speech that talks about your company's plans to save Mt. Everest. Close the essay by saying that you carry the hope that your activity will be only the first step towards a world-wide consciousness that Mt. Everest needs to be preserved.

The second approach, is to cut out the speech part of the essay and instead portray yourself as a hands on leader who came to base camp with volunteers and representatives of your company to help in the scheduled clean up drive. Talk about the way your company sponsors the drive every year and then explain why this day in particular is very special to you. Maybe you can say that this day is special because you received an award as an environmentalist or something. That would also work for this essay and will be easier to represent in 400 words.

Choose the approach that you think will work best for you and then try to revise the essay to meet the suggested approach. You might also have another approach in mind for the essay that you would like to try. Go ahead and try your personal preference as well. I'll be here to assist you with your draft revisions. Keep the faith. You'll write this essay yet :-)
OP jackie148 2 / 16  
Sep 24, 2015   #33
i dont know man :((( i used a lot of time searching and writing it and its hard to write a new draft
is it ok if i write my speech ?? if i write the speech then i dont need to write routine ??
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Sep 24, 2015   #34
Writing the speech may just be the easiest method for you to attack this essay. It will only require you to assess what it is you want to say regarding saving Mt. Everest. Like i said, you set up the scene quickly then move on to the speech itself. Make sure to mention the date while you set up the scene.

For the scene, just mention you are at base camp for a specific reason (an award, participating in the clean up drive, etc.) If it is an award, try to imagine what the scene would be like at base camp and describe it. Limit yourself to 100 words minimum - 150 words maximum. Save the rest of the words for the speech itself. Quickly mention that the crowd has gathered to hear your speech in relation to receiving an award for saving Mt. Everest.

Once you get into the speech, you can mention when you first visited Mt. Everest, what it looked like at the time, how you felt seeing the destruction, and what drove you to start this protection drive. Mention what your original vision was for the project. Try to say that you surpassed the objectives (after all, you are being given an award for it) and that you have more plans for Environmental tourism in Mt. Everest.

Close the essay by saying something about the importance of saving Mt. Everest for future generations. Connect it to the survival of mankind if you can. Make a plea for cooperation in revitalizing and protecting Mt. Everest. Done. Finished. The speech will be complete :-)

I've already given you the guidelines for the speech. Please try to write it. I'll help you with it. Just stop being so defeatist in attitude and try. Really try to accomplish this. Put your heart into it. Ask for help from your friends, parents, and relatives if you need to. It can be done. Just persevere and you will get this done.
pdeep37 6 / 13  
Oct 10, 2015   #35
" Describe how your day goes on April 29 2025"
Can you tell me how to write this essay? I am applying for UWC scholarship.
Thank you !!

I think you have to project the future daily life in 2025, well I believe, during this era we will have,

= mind reading machine as personal assistant, psychological treatment and criminal investigation
= biotechnological equipment so that doctors can remotely check and operate your health issues.
= personal flying machine

Then based upon these, you have to plan for your one day i.e. April 29th 20125 daily activity.

For your reference:

Today Morning I upload my thoughts into my thought reading machine, based on the data, it will plan for my today whole activity. The machine will take about half an hour to complete the process and then generate the plan. ...

and so on... hope you can write now.

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