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"a defining moment" - Need assistance with writing an Essay (forgot the basics)

debo 1 / -  
Feb 22, 2009   #1
I have to write about a specific experience in my life that I consider "a defining moment"- and choose an event, big or small, that helped shape me as an individual.

I haven't been to school in 7 years and forgot most of the basics. On top of that I missed the first 2 classes of English 101 due to being out of town. This paper is due on monday and I could really use some help.

If anyone could provide me with a place to find examples on this type of writting it would be much appreciated. I dont know if theres a standard for how many paragraphs or how to go about writing this paper.

Thank you, Debo.

zowzow 10 / 182  
Feb 22, 2009   #2
if you keep/kept a diary or something now would be a good time to look through it

if not, go to a peaceful place and think about the moments that did define you. whatever memories you have.

some good sources are your family and friends too. ask around.

the number of pages or paragraphs depend on the task itself i guess. If not id go with 1-2 A4 pages of writing.
Abby002 3 / 24  
Feb 22, 2009   #3
a specific experience in my life that I consider "a defining moment"

Something that you experienced and had brought you to another new chapter in life, which you felt proud about yourself. It could be sorrow, happy or exciting moment. All depends on how much you know about yourself.
EF_Kevin [Contributor] 8 / 13,733 129  
Feb 22, 2009   #4
This IS the site you need! We'll help!

Start by dwelling for a while on that moment. What was it? For me, it was getting beaten up by 6 kids that were older than I was -- while my shoelaces were tangled in the wheels of my bike!!

When you know that moment, and you know how to connect it with your college aspiration somehow, write a topic sentence for one of the paragraphs. The topic sentence is the main point of a paragraph. Develop that into a whole paragraph by elaborating on it, and then conclude that paragraph. Each para is a single idea expressed beautifully. Finish off that solid, rhythmic paragraph, and then look it over.

Repeat that process until you have a few beautiful paragraphs, and they will be your body paragraphs. When you read them all together, what main theme do they convey? Whatever it is, present it in an intro paragraph that you'll tack on to the beginning.

Finally, write a thoughtful, entertaining conclusion that leaves the reader with something to think about.

I hope that helps you!!
EF_Sean [Moderator] 6 / 3,574  
Mar 6, 2009   #5
Picking the sort of moment you have in mind shouldn't be too difficult -- probably your most vivid memories have stayed with you precisely because they are of events that influenced you somehow. So, start with what you remember most clearly about your childhood, and work from there.
mileybiley 2 / 3  
Mar 6, 2009   #6
I would do some freewritting. I would just pick something that is important and just write what comes to your mind. Good luck.
bezabee98 4 / 7  
Mar 7, 2009   #7
I would recommend for you to just sit with pen and paper in hand and to just start listing ideas that come to you right away, without worrying if those ideas right or wrong. If you are like me the ideas that come to you are very meaningful or "defining" . I think if they ideas weren't significant they wouldn't appear on the paper you are going to write.

something like my birthday when I was ... ,My first date....,My first day working at a new job I felt , tasting a new kind of food make feel like..

Then try to develop those ideas as much as you can

so more than anything the first thing I think you should do is

to just sit with a pen and paper in hand or with a blank page in front of the computer.

Good Luck!
plugging_along 2 / 5  
Mar 18, 2009   #8
Sometimes looking at a photograph can spark an event that was special to you. I was assigned this personally, and when I took off on, it from a picture taken when I was 8, holding a giant fish I had caught. It ended up 4 pages long. Goodluck!!
lilylee34 2 / 1  
Mar 31, 2009   #9
Do freewriting. u will be good
Ropes4u 2 / 11  
Apr 1, 2009   #10
Post your draft here and you will get plenty of advice. You can also check out the OWL at Perdue for some help.

Glocks - / 1  
Oct 2, 2014   #11
Writing an essay about a moment I will never forget

Ok I'm writing an essay about a moment I will never forget. I made one and it is a moment I broke a neighbors window. Can you make up the essay story pleeaseee?
hc221 1 / 4 1  
Oct 2, 2014   #12
Start with describing the moment, go into who was there, what happened, be descriptive. I suggest using a moment that is real to you, so it is easier to write about.
sa1na 9 / 73 19  
Oct 3, 2014   #13
If you want to make it special, start with the neighbor reaction, or start with your thoughts at the moment; breaking a window itself is not something that would remind in your mind; state its speciallity in the first sentence to make the essay more enthusiastic.
maryailt 4 / 10 1  
Oct 4, 2014   #14
and also you can write about your feeling at that momment

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