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descriptive piece about a scary place

Jun 15, 2010   #1
I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!

im suppose to write a descriptive piece about a scary place using the five senses (sight,sound,taste,touch,smell) 350 words!!!!!!!!!!

i want to write about a haunted house but i dont know how to start!!!!!


Jun 15, 2010   #2
you can first write about arriving at the house, describe the outside as you are walking in (a thesaurus will help you with multiple words for the 5 senses). if you live in a house, use your house as a guide for your haunted house; example: if your house has a porch make your haunted house have one too.

or you can look at pictures of haunted houses for the visual.

good luck!
Jun 15, 2010   #3
350 words is not a lot, so make sure everything said will actually help the description.

I definitely like the idea of starting outside of the house and moving throughout the rooms. Make sure to include not only descriptive words, but also metaphors and similes. Metaphors and similes create a much better picture in someone's head.

After you've written your essay, have someone else read aloud to you. Then you can decide if what you have heard matches your intended idea of the house.

Best of luck!
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Jun 16, 2010   #4
When you don't know how to start... that is a familiar feeling for me. If I try to draw, I don't know how to start. I jus stare at the paper and cannot envision where to draw anything. But with writing I can always start from where I am.

"I NEED HELP!" My little brother had knocked over a stack of boxes, and now they were in the way when he tried to open the door. "I'm suppose to be getting over my fear of the dark, but I don't know how to start!"

Add some energy to the story by making it so that the people involve are making progress toward a goal.
Add sensory words. Google this: sensory words list
Add conflict that creates tension. Who is in conflict with whom?
Give a resolution to the conflict.

That's your recipe... your formula. If you have conflict, you have a story. Make it a good one!

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