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"what is the difference between Purpose Statement and Program of study essay?"

daisy_g 1 / 3  
Oct 15, 2010   #1
Hi everybody!!!!

I have a question: what is the difference between Statement of purpose and study program essay??
What should i write in study program essay??
And is that ok if an idea from Statment of purpose will repeated in Study essay??

Can you give my some hints..All feedbacks are appreciated. Thanks.
fjfjfjf - / 13  
Oct 16, 2010   #2
To which institution (and program) are you applying? Did they not give you any prompts? The reason I ask is the two seem indistinguishable for me. When I applied to grad school I had to do a SOP & a personal statement. Both were distinct essays with clear instructions for each. Sounds like they haven't given you the a similar level of guidance. I would suggest that you not repeat any information if possible. If they are asking for two separate essays, I suspect they have a particular definition for each. My advice would be to give the DGS (director of grad studies, if you're applying to grad school or the admissions office for clarification) a call to see if you can get a better sense of how to approach these two essays.
OP daisy_g 1 / 3  
Oct 16, 2010   #3
Thanks you very much, Steve..

sorry, i should write about intruction before.

I'm going to apply to the Muskie program.
It requires 2 essays:

1)Statement of purpose
Please write a detailed essay describing your future career plans, why you want and need to study in the US at the graduate level, and how you hope to contribute to your country's development.

2) Study program essay
Please write a detailed essay describing your intended program of study in the US, including specific areas of interest, potential coursework or topic research.

Im considering to public administration, at first essay im going to write reasons why i want study at there. At the same time im going explain that one of the reason is situation in my homeland, and that i want to make social developments.

at the second essay, for my understanding i should write about my interest area, which means i should explain why i'm interested in this area.

So, im affraid, maybe my desire serve/help for people will repeat at the both essay.
How can i smoothly transfer????? Thanks
fjfjfjf - / 13  
Oct 16, 2010   #4
I think you've got the idea. From my reading of the instructions, it looks like the first essay will detail how graduate school will help YOU in the future, i.e. your own goals, how it will help you help your country, etc. The second essay seems like it is asking how you WILL ACHIEVE those broader goals (as stated in essay one). So here you might talk about specifically what it is you want to study, why its important to your overarching goals, etc. I don't know if that sounds like a distinction without a difference, but that was just my take. There may be some overlap but I'd try to minimize that as much as possible--if you think about the person reading your essays, would you want to read 2 of the same essays in a row? That is just my take on this, you may feel differently. Nevertheless, good luck with the fellowship!
OP daisy_g 1 / 3  
Oct 18, 2010   #5

Your instruction was appreciated and helpful.
Yeah, there may be an overlap, but i'll try to minimize it as i can, that was a good advise.
If i will finish my essay soon, i'll post it here for proofread.

You are kindly, thank you so much, Steve.

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