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"Why education is important." - 1st paragraph ideas / literacy topic

Nov 10, 2010   #1
I need to write an essay on why I believe college education is important. Of course, I know the reasons, and I was going to write about how my parents struggled with low-income due to the fact that they had not gone to college, but I cannot think of a way to start this essay. I want it to be FANTASTIC. If anyone has any 1st paragraph ideas, please share.

This is my advise: :D

Education gives us the knowledge of the world around us. It develops in us a perspective of looking at life and it helps us build opinions and have points of view on everything in life.

Education is very important for our growth and it allows us to make our dreams real. A brilliant education could open doors of job opportunities.
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Nov 19, 2010   #3
The only way for it to be fantastic is for you to come up with a precious observation. What does it mean to have a precious observation? I bet you have made some. Maybe you have made a precious observation about religion or about human nature...

When H. D. Thoreau wrote "Civil Disobedience" he was making a precious observation about democracy.

What precious observation can you make about your parents' struggle? Whatever it is, it need to be more complicated than just saying their struggle shows the importance of college. Many people go to college and then struggle (i.e. psychology majors). Many people do not go to college, but they are successful in business. So... spend some time in contemplation as you walk around your neighborhood... and see what you can observe about the importance of college.

Feb 22, 2013   #4
Essay on Literacy; Why literacy is important and how it brings success? Need ideas!

I'm planning to write a essay on literacy but I don't know where to start. I have to explain why literacy is important, and how it can bring success. I know literacy is the ability to read and write but how can it bring success? Don't you also need something else to go along with literacy? for example, literacy and English.

Can someone give me some ideas why literacy is important and how it can bring success?

All help is appreciated!
Feb 22, 2013   #5
I'm planning to write a essay on literacy but I don't know where to start.

Well, first find the facts as to why it is important. Sketch them down in point form.
Then start writing your first draft; Start with introducing the term "literacy".... You can even start with a good and meaningful quote on literacy. If you google you can find many nice ones. Then define what literacy is and write about one or two sentences to say how it positively influence the development of a person and the human society at large.

Then take your first point in the first para. Expand that idea, discuss it thoroughly and give examples wherever it is possible.
I hope the following link may help you;
envis.maharashtra.gov.in/envis_data/newsletter/envlit/imp_of_lite racy.html

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