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The ending of an Essay on Myself

hui hui 1 / -  
Mar 21, 2010   #1
I am working on an essay, 'myself' for the oral test. I can't think of the ending. plz help me.

comet2000 10 / 48  
Mar 21, 2010   #3
i don't know what you have written so far.
i am only guessing for the ending, you can write about something about the present like what you have accomplish, what you have learn, summarize the main points of your essay.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Mar 22, 2010   #4
Yeah, the ending should resolve some tension that you built up during the essay. It should resolve some question you raise or complete some kind of cycle.

However, there are no real rules for how you end your art.

One safe approach is to refer back to something you said near the end of the intro paragraph or beginning of paragraph 2.

I hope you will read some excellent essays as examples. Google this:
Classic Essays
Rod_Farva 5 / 18  
Mar 29, 2010   #5
You could finish with the present like the others said, or you could speak about potential future aspirations. I would think that on an essay about yourself, it would be unnecessary to rehash too much of what you have already demonstrated, especially since the essay is oral.

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