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Fear can't make an utopian society

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Jan 29, 2013   #1
Fear cannot; absolutely not create an utopian society. Fear can't because a dictator would need to control fear and if you control fear the dictator can control the people. By controlling fear, the dictator would have to use threats and forces to make the citizens scared because being scared is a sign of fear and fear makes people think, feel and make us do anything.

CONTROL. If the dictator can control fear, then they control the people. But people don't like to be controlled. If the dictator does end up restraining the people, in the end a few people will still gather together and rebel against the dictator. That is normally the case.

Normally in the beginning a tragedy will happen to get the people terrified. And when citizens are scared, they will look up to any "hero" and follow them. That's when it's the dictator's cue, he will step out from the darkness and show his nice gratitude towards the people for them to like him. Once the people starts to accept him into their hearts, his true nature will show. When his true nature shows, he will then provide harsh punishments, threats, forces and make the people feel isolated. These are all signs of fear. When the dictator has gotten the people to become isolated, they will have nothing to do but obey the dictator. That's how we know that the dictator has truly controlled fear and the people. However, people don't like to be controlled by other people. We, humans like to have our own way of thinking and our own path. So in the end a few people will go against the dictator and a rebellion will occur. The only person in history who has ever come close to creating a utopian society was Adolf Hitler. He was a fascist leader of Germany during the Great Depression and the WWII. He ruled the country through intimidation and fear. In his mind he thinks he has made an utopian society but to other people's perspectives, he hasn't. Everyone's view of utopia is totally different.

The intro is only half because I can't think of what to write for my intro. Can somebody help me? And I've got the 1st paragraph down (probably going to add more later). Is the topic sentence and mini thesis okay for the first paragraph? is the example okay? Any ideas?

Thank you!

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