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FUNNY Vs SERIOUS; Need help with writing an introductory paragraph!

LSR 1 / -  
Oct 28, 2013   #1
I am leena, a new member here
I really need some help with writing an introductry paragrapgh for an essay about two different personalities which are funny and serious.
in the thesis I want to convey the message "none of them is really better than the other, but we should be inbetween them according to the inviroment and situation".
vangiespen - / 4132 1449  
Sep 12, 2014   #2
Hi Leena. We are happy to have you here. Unfortunately, it will be hard to help you develop an introductory paragraph unless you provide us with the full essay prompt. However, I will try to come up with something for you based upon the quote you provided. Here is my take on an opening or introductory paragraph you might be able to use :-)

]Do you believe that some people are born with a serious outlook in life and some are born with a funny bone meant to tickle everyone for no apparent reason? I believe that there are some people born in those ways, and there is nothing wrong with that. Being funny and being serious are two different outlooks in life. But the reason people look at life that way all boils down to the same reason. We all want need to deal with our life issues. So problem solving can be either a funny or serious process for a person, depending upon his outlook in life. In the end, whether he solved his problem with humor or with seriousness, his problem still gets resolved. So what exactly is the difference between being funny and being serious? That is what this essay will try to explain in the next paragraphs.

I hope this statement of mine can help you get started :-)

Home / Essays / FUNNY Vs SERIOUS; Need help with writing an introductory paragraph!
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