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What is a good title for an analysis essay?

Jan 1, 2007   #1
What is a good title for an analysis essay on comparing "Offspring" by Naomi Long Madgett and the book Fences?

Also, what is a good title for a personal essay based on my Habitats for Humanities trip to Jamaica?

I have some of my own ideas, but they are so bad. I'm terrible at making up titles. Help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Well, it's a bit of a challenge to come up with a title, not having read the essays ... and especially as I haven't read either of the two works your analysis essay is about. I tend to use wordplay, unless it's inappropriate: "Springing Off the Fences" would be an example. But your essay (and professor) may be too serious for that. The best thing is often to go with a brief description of what the essay is meant to accomplish: "A Comparative Analysis of the Use of Metaphor in the Collected Works of Dr. Seuss," for example. I'm not sure what you're comparing in the two works you are dealing with, so adjust accordingly.

The second one is a little easier. "Habitat for Jamaica"; "Building Up Jamaica"; "To Make a Jamaica Home" (and if you really wanted to get cute, "Jamaican Me a Home" -- but only if your instructor has a sense of humor).

This is the best I can do without having read the essays. Hope it helps!


Sarah, EssayForum.com
"Everything that rises must converge" vs "Babylon revisited" - essay title!

i have to write an essay on the role of history in "everything that rises must converge" versus "Babylon revisited", and i need help choosing a title! thank you.
Good afternoon.

If it is a concise research paper, perhaps "The Role of History in 'Everything That Rises Must Converge' and 'Babylon Revisited'" would be most appropriate. It is long, but it is very specific; if your paper is such, it might work best.

Moderator, EssayForum.com

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