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Greek mythology, writing The Introduction Paragraph

eldakim 1 / -  
Mar 8, 2010   #1
Hey! I'm new here. I'm currently an undergrad at UCLA and am having a hard time writing an essay about Greek mythology. Other than the fact that I have the exact format that I want as well as the information/data that I need, I'm having difficulty with the introduction.

How I traditionally learned to write the introduction was to add in a hook, briefly describe to the reader what your body paragraph is going to talk about, and conclude it with a thesis. When writing essays for college, I changed my format here and there, creatively adding in my own style. But for some reason, this is topic is giving me a headache.

ivyeyesediting - / 85  
Mar 9, 2010   #2
Hi Elliott,

What is the exact format you want? Has your professor given you a concrete format to work with? All writing is, of course, subjective, and many professors have specific elements they are looking for in their students' essays. As you mentioned, once you transition from high school level writing to college level writing, you are generally allowed more stylistic freedom.

That said, a strong introduction to any essay should include the very components you listed. You're right on track. Your thesis statement can be your first or last sentence in the introduction -- either is acceptable. What is crucial is that you argue a strong, specific point of view in your thesis. Before even considering how to structure your paper, ask yourself what you are saying. What is your point? What are you proving here? What is your opinion about the prompt, question or topic? Why is this opinion unique? Once you have clarified for yourself exactly what it is that you are saying, you may have an easier time letting your narrative unfurl.

All too often in writing, we connect the dots, so to speak, without taking the time to 'color it in' -- deepening its tones, sharpening its lines and bringing it to life.

What, exactly, is 'giving you a headache' about this assignment? Go to the core of your frustration, and start there.

IvyEyes Editing
EF_Susan - / 2,365 12  
Mar 9, 2010   #3
That is some great advice from Brooke. It is the kind of advice that can provide some inspiration, which is probably what you need.

Do you have any desire to say anything about the parts of Greek mythology your material covers? You need to get yourself interested! Right now, I am motivated to write this post, because I am interested in that spark of inspiration that is necessary in order for any writing to get done. So, I have something to say.

Your job now is to sit with the data and read it in an alert state of mind, really enjoying the stories and insights. When you notice some sort of theme or truth about life, you are ready to write with a purpose. Decide what insight you want to share with your essay.

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