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Gun ownership, gender differences, Abe Lincoln - RN degree essays to complete

susue 1 / -  
Apr 16, 2010   #1
Help, I am an older lady who has gone back to school to try to complete my RN degree. I am very computer illiterate, and I have 3 papers to do by Monday, the 19th. One is on private gun ownership-pros and cons, the next is on gender differences, biological or societal, and the last is an article review on Abe Lincoln. I do not even know where to start.
Notoman 20 / 419  
Apr 16, 2010   #2
It sounds like your professor is asking to write three very different things.

For the gun issues, you'll need to discuss the pros and cons of allowing private gun ownership. Make a list and go from there. Cons: guns can be used in crimes, children playing with guns cause X number of deaths each year, accidental shootings ... Pros: self protection, hunting, target shooting, self determination ...

Gender differences--compare and contrast. This is a VERY broad topic. You might want to narrow it down a bit. You could talk about a partiucular issue and how that issue is different for boys and girls, how boys and girls at a particular age are the same and different, how society treats boys versus how it treats girls, or even why baby boys are dressed in blue and baby girls are dressed in pink (or any other societal constraints).

The article review is the easiest one! Google "how to write an article review" for checklists of what to include.

Good luck with it! That's a lot of work to do over the weekend.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Apr 18, 2010   #3
That's cool advice Noto.
Hi Sue, nice to meet you!
Be sure not to think about all three challenges at once! Think only about one thing: your first article about gun control. Just read it and enjoy it. Younger students may have the advantage of being in practice with their composition, and understanding computers, but we older students have the advantage of being able to enjoy reading articles! I recommend questia. Learn how to use the "bibliography" function on questia.com

Go to questia and type key words into the search box: "gun control" (inside " " marks)
Read one article and write one paragraph.. maybe two. Write a little about what the author said. Sometimes you only need to read the intro and conclusion. If there is an abstract that is even better!

It will get easy. Soon, research writing will feel like... as natural as reading. And questia makes your bibliography (i.e. reference list) for you automatically.

Write 1 or 2 paragraphs about each article! Remember to start paragraphs with a topic sentence that tells the main idea of the paragraph.

Questia costs money. You can try it for a month for 20 bucks. We have no affiliation with them, but I use them because they are great. You can also use your school's database, though.

Search for "biological gender differences" "gender equality" "gender issues"

If you use " " marks, you'll get articles that have the exact phrase. If you don't get many search results, take away the " " marks.

How about starting with the article review! Google this: how to write an article review


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