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Having a huge problem with coming up with chapters, commercial photography essay

Hi, I'm studying a degree in commercial photography and academic essay aren't something I've done before. To prepare myself for the dissertation, we have to write a 3000 word essay (300 word intro, 300 word conclusion) with 2 chapters and 4 paragraphs in each.

I'm fairly confident with writing, but I'm having a lot of trouble coming up with what to write about - the question is "Is the advancement of micro-technology a threat to the commercial photographer". The gist of it is that mobile phone cameras are getting pretty good now and paid photographers may not be needed as much as a result if anyone can take great photos with little effort.

There is probably a simple rule to this that I just don't know, but how would I structure the main body of this essay - right now I have one chapter labelled "The Digital Revolution" and another called "The Commercial Photographer" but I don't think I can answer the question with those at all..

I am allowed to change the question if I find it easier to research something else.

Thanks in advance for any help

Dec 12, 2016   #2
Hi Lukas, consider 2 particular topics for discussion in your remaining 2 chapters. The first being that Digital Photography, though more accessible these days, still requires the eye of a photographer in order to properly use the special photography software bundled into cameras and cellphones. The technology may exist but it still takes talent to use it. So professional photographers won't become outdated just because cellphone cameras can now take fantastic pictures. The next chapter, should look into the comparison of talents between the amateur phone camera user and the professional. That comparison should help you explain why professionals will still be needed in the future.

At least, that is assuming that you are supporting that opinion in your research paper. Remember even though this is a research paper, you still have to pick an opinion to present because there is a question that requires answering through the presentation of the pro and con side, concluding with your personal opinion if required to do so.
Hi,Xenoyia! I'd like to suggest you to write that not all the people can take good photos even if their mobile phone cameras are great. Anyways, i concede that fact that is a threat for the most of commercial photographers, although looking at from the other side, advancement of technology gives great opportunities to become a good photographer for everyone. Also, able photographers(experts) are always prefered in any cases. This is all, what i've got in my mind about this topic. Hope it will be useful for you

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