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Need help finding unique topic for college transfer essay! (Prompts included)

Jul 19, 2016   #1
I'm applying to the University of Texas as a transfer student and i'm having trouble thinking of what to write about, especially for the first prompt. Any ideas? Obviously I know i'll have to make it personal, but any ideas are appreciated because i'm at a complete loss because i'm not really sure what they're looking for me to write about, especially when it comes to "extenuating circumstances". I don't want to write an essay that sounds like trying to brag (even though there's nothing to brag about) and I also don't want it to sound like pity, poor me story either.... Both of these are required of me. I have some ideas for topic b, but still if anyone has ideas, i'd love to hear them! (:

Hiddengrace [Contributor] 68  
Jul 19, 2016   #2
Hi Morgan, welcome to EF! Writing a statement of purpose can be difficult at first; it definitely takes some soul searching and deep thought. The prompt is purposefully vague, but a general statement of purpose should showcase your skills, achievements, strengths, and talents in the field you are applying to study. You want to introduce yourself and talk a little bit about what motivates you to succeed in your planned field of study. You want to highlight your educational and field related experiences and achievements. Instead of listing your achievements, try dioscussing them in a way that can help them see your potential. Not only did you achieve something, but what you learned from it is important as well. How can what you gained from past experiences make you successful in school and in your field?

Also, it's probably be a good idea to talk about why you are transferring and why this school is better for you than your last school. What does it offer? Why are you transferring? If you're switching majors, why that major and this school, etc...

For B, I'd suggest choosing something related to your field. This makes it easier for you to talk about it if it's something you are interested in or passionate about. It doesn't have to be something you specifically have experienced but something that you know is important to the future of your field.

Good luck!
justivy03 607  
Jul 19, 2016   #3
Hi Morgan, first of all, as the instructions are written for this essay, it should already provide you with the basic inputs you need to include in the essay, now, hold it, I know that you're confuse as this task can be difficult and very difficult,I say this because, the pressure of explaining to the committee why they choose you or welcome you to their institution is like applying for a job that you so want to have but you have a very slight idea about.

Now, for A, follow along, write about yourself, what your motivations are in transferring to this institution, be careful not to talk bad about your previous school, this will only leave a negative connotation. Also, try to inject a few notes on your academic achievements or background, in this part, be cautious not to overwhelm the essay with this information, remember, the instruction said not to itemize your essay with all your academic notes.

For B, write about an issue you're most comfortable with,not to exaggerate but something that can make you talk for hours and you will never run out of something to say. That's about it for me, I hope you will be able to come up with a draft and you don't have to worry,we are here for you.
Hiddengrace [Contributor] 68  
Jul 19, 2016   #4
Also, I just want to say, when I had to do this for my graduate applications, I watched a lot of ted talks and videos that related to my field in order to find something and get inspiration to talk about it. I also did a lot of research as well. That might be something helpful for you as well. It should be easy enough for you to talk about but not too simple or generic either.

Good luck!
Jul 25, 2016   #5
Hey Morgan.
Writing a college essay takes more than just writing a piece of text.
You must select a topic that you are truly passionate to write about and can express your feelings. Since you are a transferring, it's useful if you'd include a para on why you're moving and why you find the University of Texas better than your previous college.

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