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Help with guidance in Health Issues essay report

jermaine7 2 / 3  
Feb 26, 2017   #1

behaviour change in diet or exercise

I have to write a report to critically evaluate and disseminate data from sources that explore the current research, policy's and practices related to health and behavioural change that portrayed to the public via media. The topic area would be around change behaviour in either diet or exercise.

I have to come up with a problem to solve (for example, either changing a community or population diet or exercise through behaviour change and health practices), benefits ( adopt the policy/solutions).

How should I plan this report if I decide to do it on a lifestyle center that offers exercise classes that help to reduce diabetes and other diseases in Caribbean and Asian population in my local area which they have done or come up with something new and innovative? What do I need to do to identify a problem and solution for this issue making sure that I am doing what is asked of me?

Thanks for help.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,873 4563  
Feb 27, 2017   #2
Amanda, in order to approach this topic properly, you have to gain access to the records of the exercise facility that you wish to do your research on. That is because the only way to gain an understanding of the pre-existing problem / condition of the majority of the members of the club will be to read their records. This will tell you the reasons why they decided to start working out and enact a lifestyle change. This research will be the basis of your thesis statement. If you cannot gain access to the records, then ask if you can interview the members of the gym to find out their reasons for joining. Basically, you need to have a very good relationship with the facility in order to pull this off. Once you have done your survey of the members, covering the reasons they enrolled and what kind of solutions they have tried to implement, you can then formulate your own solutions for inclusion in your report. Done this way, you are sure to better represent all of the expected outcomes of your report.
hongnguyentp92 1 / 5  
Feb 27, 2017   #3
In my opinion, you may list question involved your plan and conduct a survey with small groups like:
1. Do you want to exercise? Most people will answer yes
2.Are you exercising? Why yes why no?
3.If the city has a lifestyle center, would you like to come and practice? Why?
4. What do they desire to be able to join in this center? price, location, public transportation.
5. Do they know all benefits doing exercises?
After making small survey, you will determine main problem and with finding more information through internet, you can offer appropriate solutions. The more details you prepare, the more successfully you represent. You can ask some friends to receive more ideas.

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