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I need help with ideas for applying for MSc

Anniebay 1 / -  
Sep 14, 2013   #1
This is my first time on here, lol i really dont know how this things works.
Okay, i have a litlle challenge... for my 1st degree i majored in Industrial Physics (Electronics & IT Application), right now i'm planning to apply for an M.sc in Petroleum and minning engineering at the university of alberta. Im kinda confused with my essay, Since i practically majored in Electronics can i just switch to Petroleum engineering. I've been in a big fix trying to write my essay also, i really don't know how to relate my previous course to pet eng, since i didnt really study any geophysics related courses.

I just need a few ideas, PLS HELP

yosh503037 12 / 22 2  
Sep 17, 2013   #2
Hey Nora,

As much of engineering has similar focuses on both mathematical analysis, typically some sort of science (particularly physics in your scenario), coupled with general problem solving techniques, these are the issues and the topics that would be most relevant to your essay. Specifically, I would suggest to use some sort of connection with the general mentality that you apply to math and physics, wherein you do not simply have to regurgitate information or knowledge that has been provided to you, but must rather interpret and understand such information to such an extent that you can readily apply it to practical issues: such are the true characteristics of a proper engineer. By portraying that you have developed such skills in the past, you should be able to show yourself as a viable worker in the field of Petroleum Engineering, regardless of the slight change in primary focus, though the adjustment, for both you and the college, should be very easy and smooth. Hope that helped at least somewhat elucidate your confusions!

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