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I need help on what to include in a essay on Elizabeth I...

annababee 1 / -  
Apr 8, 2010   #1
Okay i am writing a 5 page essay on Elizabeth I and i really don't know what to put in the essay. Can you please help me by telling me i should include in it? asap!
syahid 1 / 1  
Apr 9, 2010   #2
Her first order of business was to eliminate religious unrest.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Apr 9, 2010   #3
My strategy is like this:
search a database for articles. If you can think of a good "extra" key word to throw in, do it, like this:
Queen Elizabeth I philosophy
Queen Elizabeth I leadership

Read one of the articles you find, and write a paragraph about the main idea the writer conveyed in the article. Add that article to your reference list, and move on to the next article.

Write one or two paragraphs per article, and put the author's name in parentheses (Smith).

When you have 5 or 10 paragraphs, go back and add an intro paragraph that introduces whatever you just wrote. You will need to tie it all together with a unifying theme.

Then, write a conclusion paragraph and stick it on the end.

Notoman 20 / 419  
Apr 11, 2010   #4
Elizabeth I had such a long and important reign--she was really a fascinating monarch! Books have been written on the subject; the hardest part might be limiting what to say. An outline might include:

Anne Boleyn's daughter (and how having a mother who was accused of being a whore and then beheaded along with questions regarding her paternity affected her manner of rule).

Henry VIII's daughter (she was prouder of this than any other attribute or accomplishment).

Ruling as an unmarried queen and the decision to remain a virgin. How her gender impacted her life (If she would have been born a boy, history would have surely been different!)

The religious turmoil of her time and how Elizabeth dealt with the issue.

All the Queen's men ... from those that cared for her to those that took advantage of her to those that advised her.

Her enemies ... Mary and Mary (one would eventually recognize Elizabeth as her heir and the other was ordered executed), King Phillip II, the Duke of Palma, the Pope

Her foreign policies--especially her defeat of the Spanish Armada (and even how she used the question of her marriage in the arena of foreign policy). England came to world dominance during Elizabeth's reign.

Her legacy.

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