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Help: Satire Essay on US Health Care System

So, I've recently been given an assignment for a high school 11th grade AP Comp class (It can be in essay or in story format). I have to write a satire essay or story on the US Health Care System. The problem is that I struggle the most with writing satire essays, so any help would be extremely useful. How would one go about writing a satire essay on this topic? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I see myself as a novice when it comes to satire, this seems to be one of the areas I struggle the most in.

Thanks in advance,

according me the main points of a satire is
1 - when there are difference between shape and conte
2-differents between speech and action
3- to be not common or UNFAMILIAR
4- condenm of s/o indirectly when he abuse or cheating
One way to approach satire is like this:
Make a really weak argument in favor of the view you oppose.

So, learn about health care by googling this: united states health care reform arguments
You can also google this: united states health care reform debate

Learn about it, and see what you think! Then, make an argument in favor of the opposite view, and make it an argument that is so ineffective that it is funny.

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