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Essay Help Start Ideas (two "writer's choice" papers to do)

Archi_sarky 1 / 1  
Mar 2, 2011   #1
hello, everyone!

I'm a sophomore student and I have problems with writing my essay. For these two days I've written really bunch of my late essays and now I'm TOTALLY out of ideas. I still have two "writer's choice" papers to do. I really need some hints how to rehab my fantasy or smt. Any advise how to restart my brain are welcomed.

Thank you in advance

Delilah - / 1  
Mar 3, 2011   #2
Um, do you have writer's block or something? if this is really your problem with essay - then do some warm-up for you brain. Read your recent essays, that usually helps. if you haven't written essays like this while bing freshman, then I recommend you to look through top graded essays and college papers. This link might help
bbish520 8 / 30  
Mar 6, 2011   #3
If you have writer's block you should either take sometime off to relax or read some other essays so that your brain can pick up ideas and start stimulating ides again.

Hope i helped!
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,334 129  
Mar 8, 2011   #4
The fuel for the fire consists of other stuff people have written. the first law of thermodynamics is that energy cannot be created or destroyed. All writing is re-writing. Nothing is new. All you can do is read things that inspire you, and wait for ideas to come.

If you read about the "artist's date" in a book called The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, you will know what I mean.

You need fuel for the fire, so go read something you love.


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