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Help me to write paragraph about myself

mohammad14 1 / -  
Aug 3, 2011   #1

little biography writing

my title is help me to write paragraph about my self.i am very weak and i need your help.paragraph must be of 20 sentences.please help me i have one day only from tomorrow my school is going to be started

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atjobsearch 3 / 6  
Aug 4, 2011   #3
Is this two pictures you need to write about?
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,341 129  
Aug 6, 2011   #4
Paragraphs should never be 20 sentences. If you have 20 sentences, it should be 3 or 4 paragraphs. Paragraphs should have about 4 or 5 sentences.

Hey, I think you can write the first sentence. Write something about yourself. Anything.

I'm sorry I missed your deadline. You can start like this:

I am a person who feels very strongly about _______ (finish the sentence).
If I was going to compare myself with a person from history, it would be (name the person.)
kaiyeoh - / 1  
Apr 23, 2012   #5
i dont know how to write: about my interest and myself - in short paragraph

i dont know how to write about my interest in short paragraph , can you guys help me ?
EF_Susan - / 2,365 12  
Apr 25, 2012   #6
The key is effectively summarizing, as I'm sure you know. Also, to use "encompassing" words and phrases is helpful such as "One ofthe (or) ..The greatest passion in my life is..." Now is this interest you speak of a hobby? Or is it the interest in attending a particular school or place of employment? If you provide me with a bit more material I would be happy to help. Otherwise, just be honest, clear and try to stick with the facts, and details to support them without drifting too far off into side notes. (if it is, after all, a short essay) I hope this is helpful!!

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