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'Hitler's War' Essay - description of World War II.

KiraTrikk 1 / -  
Jul 13, 2011   #1
Hello guys!
I hope I'm posting this in the right place, but I'm looking for some help here.
I have to write an essay on the term Hitler's War, but I'm not sure if I've correctly interpreted the essay question.

The question is; " 'Hitler's War'. Why has this description of World War II provoked considerable debate amongst historians?"

I'd love to hear others interpretations because I could honestly use the help!
Thank you in advance!

amrosca 4 / 130  
Jul 15, 2011   #2
Uh, it is usually hard to ask for such interpretations because the chances that someone might know something about the source you referring to are pretty low. How about you write a demo essay and I'm sure you'll do get some help with that! ;D

But of course this isn't something you would really like to hear.

What is "Hitler's War" supposed to be? A film? A book? A metaphor?

What I could find out (besides "Hitler's War" the game) is that there are two books with with this title. One is a biography of Adolf Hitler by David Irving and the other one is a a novel by Harry Turtledove. I haven't read the books, but that's where Wikipedia comes in handy.

Harry Turtledove wrote a series of novels entitled "The War That Came Early". The first book was carrying the same title you have been given. The events are being presented from the perspective of soldiers during the years of 1938 and 1939.

But I suppose that it is the other book you might be referring to since that is the one to have caused the most controversy. According to Irving, Hitler was not that bad of a man. Apparently, he declared war due to the circumstances the Allied Forces created. It is also being mentioned that he was not the one to order the Holocaust; two of his subordinates prepared it (more or less) in secret.

Another interesting fact about this book is the decision taken by the publisher to remove anything that claimed the Fuehrer had no idea of the Holocaust being organised in the background. The writer used the opportunity to accuse historians of doing a lousy job researching events of such great relevance. All in all, Irving tried to absolve Hitler of some of Germany's mistakes that have been attributed to him.

I really avoid making a concrete decision here. I have not read the book and I am no expert on WW2. When analysing a historic event I think it is best to read general impressions on the war and then look for two subjective opinions, a pro and a contra one. And, as I said, it would be perhaps best.

What to search for regarding the book: reviews at that time, some more recent opinions and some biography on the writer.
Regarding WW2: in this case it would be perhaps best to look more closely at what was happening in Germany. And some facts on Hitler's family too.

I hope this helps! Good luck! :D
ajit88rai 22 / 188 3  
Jul 15, 2011   #3
andrewburdett.wordpress.com/2010/04/29/was-wwii-hitlers-war-29-april-2 010/
Hi my friend,
do read the above blog which is specifically related to ur essay----as far as i feel -"hitler's war" means that the war was started by hitler-only for the attainment of his personal aims----- which many people have declared was caused by his psychologically abnormal mind----if u read his Mein Kampf-- u wil firstly sympathise with his plight as a kid which led him to b so ruthless--- but there are sme historians who say that it was a book specifically written by him as a propaganda n to win public opinion---- however i dont think u need to go so deep for an essay... n do know that if Mein Kampf is banned in ur country-then do not search for it----- n do mention in ur essay that no matter if hitler suffered in his early days (as he mentioned in books) or whatever the reason was--- there isnt any reason in the world which can justify the butchering of innocents...

its a sensitive topic so i wud say dont write anything in favour of hitler's action--- i hope it helps u---- do read the blog link i gave at the start of this msg...

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