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Home Benefit after return, intended plan of study

Hello Great intellectuals in the house. Thank you all so much for the help I have received so far. I am grateful. Specially to Professor Holt. I should call you HOT. Sir or Ma. An thankful.

Please, I do have an urgent request I need prompt and critical guide and direction. I am applying for my country's national scholarship at postgraduate level and the following question was asked:


Describe your intended plan of study and the kind of job you plan to seek on your return to XYZ country.
In reference to: https://essayforum.com/essays/home-benefit-return-intended-plan-study-75128/

My request.

How do I start? A paragraph as a guide will be appreciated.

What is does plan mean?

What kind of job to seek after my return will award me the scholarship as a better candidate?
Greatcharles44@yahoo.com is my mail. Private message will be appreciated still

If you are going to ask just the very beginning, it'll be a good idea to start with a hook. Like, your own story that can reflect you academic interest. I think you can use structure like:

1. personal interest or experience

2. future goal or career goal: explain why you have this goal

3. To realize your dream, what and how will you learn.
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The first thing that you need to do is figure out what kind of national or local problem you want to help solve in your country. These problems are usually in line with some sort of government program set up to help address the issue you have chosen. For example, if the problem in your country is that farmers do not have access to water irrigation, then the government will usually have a program of some sort of financial support being offered to farmers who wish to improve the irrigation system in their area. This is usually done through cooperatives. So your plan of study should be the modernization of the irrigation system in your country through the help of the cooperatives. The way that you can help solve the problem is first, by studying a masters degree in management (as an example) and then, upon return to your country, you can say something about seeking to gain employment at a local cooperative where you can help the farmers source the finances for their irrigation systems as the start of your plan to help local farmers. Or, you can say that your plan is to start your own non government organization to help the government screen and bestow funding on the farmers who really need the money for irrigation.

Basically, you are being asked to write a post study plan. A post study plan asks you to relate your plans immediately upon graduation and your return to your home country. This is normally represented by a short term plan that covers at least 6 months or one year upon your return, but no longer than 3 years of planning upon your graduation, return to your country, and eventual employment. Please don't hesitate to ask questions. I will be more than happy to assist you. However, I will be better able to help you if you write your draft first. Just write the draft in the manner that you understand my explanation. From there, we can work on improving your essay. Remember, post it as a new thread. Not in this thread.

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