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The incident reporting system - a small essay which I should transmit tonight.

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Nov 26, 2017   #1

The incident reporting system

Is there somebody who can edit my paper please? many thanks

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Nov 26, 2017   #2
Alicia, if you are looking for a professional editing service with a quick turn around time, I strongly suggest that you look into our services link. We also do professional editing of papers by arrangement. The link for your consideration can be found above. If you would be satisfied with a free editing of your paper based on various input from members of the forum though, then just post your paper here so everyone, contributors and users alike, can participate in it's editing. You can take what applies and ignore what doesn't apply to your paper. The choice is yours to make. Rest assured that you will recieve help with your paper regardless of the editing procedure you choose. Since you have a short due date though, you may want to seriously consider our services to save you on time.
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Nov 26, 2017   #3
Many thanks, This is my essay:

The incident reporting system is a structured data collection of adverse events and near miss events, which provides a basis for a useful analysis to make provision for strategies and improvement actions to prevent them from happening again in the future. The use of this form is to point out quickly any potential critical situation or problematic issue occurring during our service.

The compilation of this form is voluntary and manage data confidentially, and does not provide a call notice or penalty.

It's important and necessary to foster major awareness of the usefulness of pointing out the events that are particularly problematic.
The collection of these signals is to plan interventions to solve the critical issues and to improve the quality of supplying of our daily service to the patient.

In this context, there was raised the necessity to arrange an incident reporting form for the Prehospital Urgency Emergency Medical System of the Azienda Provinciale per I Servizi Sanitari of the Autonomous Province of Trento (APSS), thus turning the spotlights on that up to now has almost been exclusively focused on almost almost exclusively addressed to the management of clinical risk in the hospital sector, on emergency health care that in recent years has acquired a very significant role for the citizen.

thus illuminating the spotlight on emergency health care that in recent years has gained a very significant role for the citizen., which up to now has almost exclusively been focused on the management of hospital clinical risk management,

The Incident Reporting System has been introduced and implemented in the Trentino Emergency System 118 with the following goals:
- To provide a system for collection and analyzing data on reported events;
- To set a hospital database of events occurring in the extraterritorial emergency and emergency system;
- Identify any critical situations which require any transversal corrective action in the system;
- Involve all stakeholders professionals and sensitize them on the theme of security
raise the awareness of security;
- Promote internal and external facing comparison with the Company.

Description of PSP
The working group was activated in 2016 with the aim of generating an accident reporting card and a specific procedure for its use. The working group was also responsible for staff training.

Methods used to evaluate the result

The following methods are used to evaluate the results:
- Each technical data sheet for accident reporting is inspected and signed by the Trentino Emergency Service Clinic Clinician Emergency 118
- The compiled message board is registered in a database.
- The quality of the datasheet compilation is monitored.
- Periodic meetings of the working party.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,311 3348  
Nov 26, 2017   #4
Alicia, , reading through your essay, I cannot help but feel that the information provided is incomplete. For example, in the first paragraph, you indicated that the form is to be used to point out critical problems in the performance of your duties. Then for some reason, you separate the information that the data collected will not result in penalties. That should be merged at the end of the first paragraph. However, even after you do that, there is no clear thesis statement for the essay. What is the purpose of the research you are doing? After the data is collected in this manner, what do you hope to achieve? There is no response to that question, which is a logical question arising from the presentation.

In the portion about major awareness, try to give an example of the type of problem that you hope to collect using this system and the type of intervention that may be applied to it. This will help to illustrate the solving of critical issues or the improvement of daily services to the patient. In line with that, your paragraph 4 does not make any sense. I know it is written in English but the logic behind the presentation is lost. There is a lack of coherence in the paragraph that leaves the reader wondering about what this paragraph is about or how it applies to the research you are doing. Merge the paragraph below it in order to create a somewhat clearer foundation for the paragraph. Make sure you follow the grammar rules, you started a sentence in lower case which is prohibited in academic writing.

Now, having provided the objectives, description, and methods used to the reader, you also need to present a summarized version of the results in order to tie all the information together. Basically, you have a strong draft that only needs to have its supporting information strengthened. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the research you are doing or your required information. That is why I am unable to edit the content for you by adding useful information to your work in order to help you arrive at a satisfying conclusion. Don't worry though, I am sure you will be able to polish this research paper by tonight if you follow the instructions I provided above.

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