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An interesting PhD topic for Translation Studies

Jan 31, 2017   #1

suggestions for a PhD


I have just bumped into an old thread about this topic. Could you kindly; however, share new suggestions for a PhD?

I am interesting in areas like:

1- Cultural translation
2- The relationship between translation and emotional intelligence (Very few resources).

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Holt [Contributor] 1506  
Jan 31, 2017   #2
Reem, as you said you only bumped into a posting about this topic, I cannot really be of help to you. You see, we deal with dozens of essays everyday, hundreds per month that I can no longer recall which topic might have led you here. It would be in your best interest to tell us what the purpose of your research is and what the basis of your information has to be so that we can further assist you. Are you asking us to suggest possible topics for your research paper? If so, what is the major focus of your study? I realize that you mentioned areas of interest to you but since I have no idea what your possible thesis statement is, I can't be of much help. Our forum doesn't really help in developing dissertation proposals so I am not quite sure what kind of help in particular you need from me.
OP bluebell6  
Feb 1, 2017   #3

Dear Holt,

You seem to have understood my thread very clearly, as I have made it very clear, in the title of the thread itself. My major of focus is pointed out VERY CLEARLY in two points. As for the nature of this forum, I came across few threads about students consulting topics for their research. Your reply didn't provide much of help and encourages confusion.

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