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Interview Essay- Need Help on opening paragraphs.

luv2write 2 / 4  
May 14, 2011   #1
I'm writing an essay on an interview I did. The assignment was to interview an immigrant. Part one of the assignment was about making up the questions on whatever we wanted. Part 2 is to introduce the rationale of the study in our essay, what our main interest is, demographics of the interviewee, and how we went about our research. Part 3 is to focus on the important aspects we interviewed about in the body of the paper.

I'm having a hard time starting the paper. I do not want to start it with explaining what I focused on, demographics, and how I did the study. Does anyone have any ideas for a quick, concise opening paragraph that I could introduce the paper with before writing about the actual study?

I was trying to write about why I was interested in this assignment, but to be honest, the assignment sucked.

heena33 4 / 18  
May 16, 2011   #2
you may go for like how did u start ur day then what was ur feeling and that time what was going in ur mind.

hpoe u understand
u willl start with the state of ur mind at that time and and ur surrounding
alright .
Any problem u can ask i may further help
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
May 16, 2011   #3
Ha ha, you are funny Katherine...

Well, to get started, consider your purpose. Maybe your purpose is to determine how an immigrant feels about culture. Do immigrants want to assimilate to the new culture or keep the old culture? That is just an example. The thing to do is decide what goal you want to achieve with your research.

If I was going to do this assignment, I might be interested in learning what ADVICE the immigrant has to offer younger people immigrating to this country. So, write questions based on the the purpose, and then begin every body paragraph with a sentence that makes an important point (i.e. a piece of advice). For every piece of advice, write a whole paragraph with an example, maybe a quote, and some explanation.

AFTER you write several body paragraphs, you can go back and add the introduction paragraph. Don't try to introduce something that does not exist yet. :-)

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