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Introduction for a 6000-word essay. How many words?

Apr 15, 2011   #1

I'm writing a 6000 words' essay and I would like to ask: how many words 'should' the introduction have?

(are 1000 "too many"?)


I'm not a teacher.

Do you have a copy of the prompt or question you're answering?

On average a 5 page essay is about 1500 words. 8-9 paragraphs give or take.

1000 word long intro would mean you are writing one paragraph that is almost 5 pages long.

Intro paragraphs answer three questions:

1) Issue: What am I writing about?

2) Main ideas: What are the main ideas/concepts?

3) Thesis: What am I proving?

hope this helps, good luck
Apr 16, 2011   #3
Hey! Thanks for your answer.

I already wrote my introduction (1000 words). Is that "too much"?

And, can I divide my introduction in different paragraphs?
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Apr 18, 2011   #5
I think 300 words is usually about a page if you use 12pt font and 1 inch margins all the way around.

I think of 6000 words as 20 pages.

How long should the intro be? It depends on how many sentences are necessary to intrigue the reader and introduce the main idea.

Just forget about it for now. Write the intro after you have written all the body paragraphs. Just grab an article and start writing about it. Write about a lot of articles, and then look at it. You'll see what it is and know how to introduce it.

Maybe the intro will be 200 words. Maybe 250... just make sure it's beautiful. :-)
May 13, 2011   #6
I would recommend using wordstopages.com for converting the number of words into the number of pages required. You can change the font type, font size and spacing. It then tells you how many pages are required. The website is optimized for academic essays.
May 14, 2011   #7
Greetings !

I would suggest you , 1000 words for the introduction are too many words. You may concise your introduction to 500 words , conclusion 300 words and the rest based on your key ideas . At least you must have 8 key ideas , explanation , elobration and examples of each key ideas. It can be managed to 6000 words. Follow the structure of the essay. I hope I have answered your question.

I think the function of introduction is just to attract people, give background information and outline the whole paper. If your introduction has these functions, I think it is in a proper length.
The introduction should only be maximum 11 sentence. A 6000 word essay should be 8 or 11 paragraphs; doesn't mean the introduction should be proportionally longer.
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May 16, 2011   #10
A 6000 word essay should be 8 or 11 paragraphs

Just to give a different idea... I would think of 6000 words as about 60 paragraphs, because I try to write paragraphs that are about 100 words. So... that is a big difference! I think of 6000 words as 20 pages, and each page is about 3 paragraphs.

I think modern readers don't have strong enough attention to follow longer paragraphs.


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