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Where you like to spend you leisure time in - an descriptive essay!!

Jul 20, 2008   #1
Hi everyone,

I have an essay due. It's supposed to be an descriptive essay and the professor is expecting everyone to write an essay about where you like to spend you leisure time in. I choose my home, but it was difficult writing because it should be all physical. So anyone can give any pointers that would be great!! =)

Good morning.

Well, you could focus on what it is about your home that makes you want to spend your sprare time in it. For instance, do you like to do home improvements or garden? Do you have other hobbies you like doing in your home? You can write about why you like to do this in your home as well as describing your house. What kind of neighborhood do you live in? Do you have any interesting neighbors? Entire books and movies have been written or filmed just about neighborhoods and its inhabitants.
Jul 21, 2008   #3
thanks for replying =)

I think she wants very descriiptive... she wants it to be very physical thats why.
for example, the smell and look of the living room or something like that.
OK, well you can focus on one specific thing. What is your favorite part of your house? Depending on the length requirements of the essay, you could do the things you like the most, and then maybe the things you'd like to improve on.

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