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MAJOR HELP REQUIRED [Perception Vs. Perspective]

Dec 25, 2006   #1
Hello everyone!

My assignment is to write a paper regarding the differences in how people view a certain situation and what they conclude of it.

For example, there is a boy who picked up a candy from a shelve at a store and put it in his pocket

-A bystander would say that he is stealing
-The mother would say that he's just "holding" it in his pocket

I've titled my essay: Perception Vs. Perspective
and this is my intro:

Humans are as particular in their perception as are pathogens the cells that make us up.

What we all have in common is that we all have the uniqueness in what we see. In an experiment that was done regarding the court, approximately 50 people were put in a room, with the lights turned off and one man ran into the room throwing a few things out in the room, and stealing something. At the end of this, the 50 people were told to write down what they thought had happened, and from the 50 people, not two had written down the same thing. This goes to show how different we all are in perception and perspective.

As you read it, you'll see how childish it is. Can anyone help me rewrite this intro? I do plan on using different analogies and a different example (or no example at all) to make this sound smarter.



I think you have a good start here, and I like your title (but make the "v" in "vs." a small one).

Your first sentence is a little confusing; I agree that you could probably find a better analogy. How about something like "Human perception is as unique to each individual as the DNA from which he or she is made."

When you give an example like the courtroom one, be as specific as you can so that the reader gets a real picture of what you are describing. For instance, "an experiment that was done regarding the court" is too vague. An experiment done by whom? What court? If you don't know and can't find out the specifics, say something like "One experiment, conducted in a courtroom, revealed just how differently the same event can be viewed by a group of people."

If you talk about how this shows "how different we all are in perception and perspective" you need to define what the difference is between the two terms, particularly since your title indicates that you are drawing a contrast between them. If your paper is not about how perception differs from perspective, you might need to re-think your title.

I hope this helps!


Sarah, EssayForum.com
Dec 27, 2006   #3
Hi there
I hope you dont mind my suggestion but here goes,
Perception is a feeling, as well as a thought and usually comes from the gut, its a personal feeling about a situation.

Where as perspective is when we look at all angles to a situation.

I perceive the boy to be honest as I know this person,subjective.

Where as the shop assistant has no affinity with the boy so therefore has an objective view of this.

Maybe by using these two words you could look at the essay as one's perception as a gut instinct rather than a more logical view.

I have just searched on wikipeadia:
[edit] Types of perception
Amodal perception
Colour perception
Depth perception
Form perception
Haptic perception
Speech perception
Perception as Interpretation

For perspective well this is completely from a logical point.

We putting things into perspective we are analysing a situation to make it realistic,

perspective (plural perspectives)

A view, vista or outlook.
The appearance of depth in objects, especially as perceived using binocular vision.
The technique of representing three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional surface.
The choice of a single point of view from which to sense, categorize,

I hope this helps,you most probably know all this but I would go for something possible about every day life this way it may not be so hard to write.
Dec 28, 2006   #4
I'd really like to thank everyone for helping me. I'll certainly use this to help me out.

And Im appreciative of any kind of help I get. Thank you Dee, and Sarah!
Sep 18, 2009   #5
Help with an essay on Perception

Essay title '' What is perception? how does perception differ from people in social situations to the perception of static objects?

Things to include: Theorticial models and concepts, examples to support your views, logical structure (intro,body, conclusion)

Ideas welcomed.
Sep 18, 2009   #6
We need to know for what course you will be writing this essay. Psychology? Art? Physiology? Sociology? Your topics and focus will differ depending on that.

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