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Most memorable day, Won a lottery, Favorite holiday place - essay start help

littlemegastar 1 / -  
Jun 2, 2010   #1
Hi hello,

My name is Venkatesh from India, I want to write and want some helpful tips about how to start an essay, I'm having topics like,

1) Most memorable day,
2) If you won a lottery,
3) College days,
4)Favorable holiday spot.
Kindly, give some suggestions how the body should be and how I need to be start.

Thanking you.


Venkatesh M R.

Hypnotized 3 / 5  
Jun 2, 2010   #2
Well I always like to start my essays with either an anecdote or a really bold statement that, in a way, leaves the audience hanging or questioning.

For instance, you could write a brief story about the very moment you realized you won the lottery, the thoughts that were running through your head etc...

As for the body, you must remember to keep the body paragraphs separated by topics, so the audience can follow the points of the essay in a logical and organized way. But its also important that each paragraph, in one way or another, continues to build onto the previous points. Otherwise, there won't be a lot of flow and the essay will seem choppy.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,339 129  
Jun 4, 2010   #3
Great question. And I like Dylan's idea of using a bold statement at the start.

When I see this question, it makes me think of the moments when I am starting a writing project. I am out of school now, so when I write it is not to complete some assignment. When I write, now, it is a matter of expressing something that wants to be expressed.

If you can write the essay as a way of expressing an important idea, it will be better than if you just try to show "good composition" (whatever that is). So, look at the first question and wait for the perfect answer to come. Wait until your mind gives the sentence that perfectly answers the question.

Tell me in a single sentence what you did on your most memorable day. I challenge you to squeeze the whole essay into a sentence. Then, put that sentence at the end of the first paragraph.

But what do you put at the beginning of the first paragraph? See Dylan's idea, above.

After that, each body paragraph can go like this:
One paragraph = one idea
First sentence of a body paragraph is a topic sentence (Google this: topic sentences)
Second sentence explains the topic sentence.
Third sentence gives a quotation or example.
Fourth sentence reflects on the implications of the idea expressed in the topic sentence.

:-) Let's see what you come up with! don't worry if you have errors. We'll help!

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