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MEXT scholarship field of study form

May 7, 2016   #1
Hello guys
I'm trying to apply to Japanese MEXT scholarship, I have prepared a research proposal also, but there is a question in "study program" form that I don't know how to answer it:

1. Present field of study.
I'm already graduated in Software Engineering; so what should I write here? write about my undergraduate program?
Your help is appreciated.

kritsada_sim 1  
May 8, 2016   #2
I dont have experience with this scholarship, but in my opinion,
Yes, you should writing about your undergraduated background
may be adding your interested subject or something that is related
and beneficial with your future studying
justivy03 607  
May 9, 2016   #3
Hi Nawras, first of all, WELCOME to Essay Forum, we do hope that you appreciate our help, our insights and constructive criticism. We strive to provide the most accurate observation towards your essay in order for you to get a good grip at what is the real standing of your essay and if it does serve its purpose nor answer the prompt and the information it requires.

Now, going back to your question on what to write in this particular part of the essay, what you need to write is the world of Software Engineering, yes, you have graduated in this field however, it is the field you are trying to get better if not the best at so you can write about it, moreover, this is the field that you are applying this scholarship too so this is the most relevant answer

to the question or the prompt.

I hope to review your scholarship essay and I wish the insights provided helped you in coming up with the answer to the prompt.

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