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An essay about a movie with strong ideology

plugging_along 2 / 5  
Mar 18, 2009   #1
Does anyone have a suggestion on a movie to watch with strong ideology? Have to have 6 page essay in less than 2 weeks, it has to be based on a movie.
EF_Sean 6 / 3,491  
Mar 18, 2009   #2
V for Vendetta
The Watchmen

In fact, virtually all movies probably have a certain amount of ideological underpinnings, but those three should be fairly easy to analyze.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Mar 19, 2009   #3
Pay it Forward!!
OP plugging_along 2 / 5  
Mar 19, 2009   #4
I guess I'm really confussed on what an ideology is? This is driving me crazy! I could really use some pointers as to what to look for when watching a movie. I'm not a big movie watcher, I generally read if I have any time. This paper has to be at least 5 pages, and is going to count for a large part of my grade.
OP plugging_along 2 / 5  
Mar 19, 2009   #5
What is ideology?? Need to find them in a movie & write 5 pages. I'm lost!

Can someone explain ideology to me & how I can detect them in a movie?
EF_Sean 6 / 3,491  
Mar 20, 2009   #6
An ideology is a coherent system of ideas. Objectivism, Marxism, Fascism, Feminism, etc. are all ideologies. Notice that all of these words end in "ism," which is a fairly common suffix handy for identifying ideologies. Most movies reflect the beliefs and ideas of the people who make them, so finding ideologies in movies shouldn't be that hard.
pips - / 1  
Aug 13, 2013   #7
need help in writing a level 3 creative piece essay

hi , i have to write a creative writing essay based for level 3 english assessment. it has to meet the criteria and comprehensive.. i have to write based on the character from a movie which was about diamonds and civil war. that boy is traumatised because of war. i need help in writing as i have to write about what happens after 10 years. the life of that boy. the story should not tell what happened in the movie. it should be different.. please someone help me. how should i write and what..
KhanhZ 5 / 131 7  
Aug 13, 2013   #8
Hi Shivani)
What is the name of the movie? Is it Blood Diamond with DiCaprio? And could you be more specific about the criteria?

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