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Obesity and the Increasing Problem in the United States

My research paper is about obesity and the negative effects it has on our health. I hope that you guys can give me feedback on areas of weakness or things that I could change to make the paper better. Thank you so much!

@Kdrago. Here is a platform where we assist each other succeed. Write your paper, post it here. Or better still tell the forum the kind of help that you will need.

We expect to here from you soon
Jan 18, 2017   #3
Kara, you need to develop your paper first in order for us to help you. We can best help you once you have a draft version of your paper. However, we can assist in strengthening your research paper from the very start by offering research points for your paper. That way you can at least develop a relevant thesis statement. Having assisted other students in the development and completion of their research paper on this very topic in the past, I can tell you the following:

1. Make sure that your information is not more than 5 years old and comes from reputable journals and research papers. Try to avoid using information from online resources unless the information comes from sites that end from .edu or .gov. These are the only academically acceptable internet sources as far as professors and teachers are concerned. Whatever you do, do not use use Wikipedia as a source. That is considered the worst source possible for any paper and will automatically garner you a low grade.

2. Narrow down the topic of obesity as an increasing problem in the U.S. The topic you have right now is too broad and will not allow you to focus on a targeted research paper. Find a specific topic that you can research instead. As long a the obesity problem you have chosen relates to a specific health problem in the country, the research paper should come out well researched and developed.

These are the suggestions I can give you for starters. I should be able to provide better information in relation to the draft version of your research paper. I look forward to reading it.

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