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Outline briefly your teaching context

d2ny 12 / 40  
Jul 1, 2017   #1
To be considered for the scholarship you must submit a statement of between 400 and 500 words in which you:
-outline briefly your teaching context
-submit an action plan of what you would do to benefit your community with particular reference to in-service training

scholarship statement essay questions

I'm stuck with ideas. Can anyone help?
This is a scholarship essay to join an annually conference on English Language Teaching held by IATEFL for 2018 round in Brighton, the UK.

What I can think of is, divide the essay into two parts (as the questions suggest).
1. Then, in the first part, I talk about my teaching job in the past, present and my plan for teaching in the future. Is that good enough?

2. In the second part, I talk about my plan upon returning to my country which is giving my colleagues training about what I will have learned in the conference. Is that what the essay asks?
DoctorWho - / 46 29  
Jul 4, 2017   #2

You can start of your essay with a brief introduction about yourself. ( Who you are, where you're from and so on.)

Then coming to the context of teaching, start off with what inspired or motivated you to become a teacher ( Why choose this profession over others - Talk about nobility, respect and honor in this field). Then continue the same para with your qualifications/degree as a teacher and what you've accomplished in your career so far.

The next para will be about your action plan. Start with what you hope to learn or imbibe through this program. Move forward with how this newly acquired knowledge helps you to grow professionally in your field while at the same time you can make a contribution to your community ( Like you said, talk about training your colleagues. This depends on what the mission/agenda of the program is.)

Finally end the statement by expressing your respect for the program and the gratitude you will have for being considered.

Write an essay based on these ideas. Once you're done I'll be happy to go through it and make tweaks and add additions.

Good Luck :)
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,364 3367  
Jul 4, 2017   #3
Dany, before we can help you, you first have to write your essay. Use the guide questions in order to create a draft of your responses to the questions. These need not be the final responses, just something that we can read and help you develop into a final response. We have no idea regarding your background and how you might be able to achieve the requirements of the scholarship program so it is wrong of you to ask us how you should be writing the essay. Only you know what information you can give in relation to the questions. All we can do here is assist you in further developing your response or correcting your response in some places in order to make it more relevant to the requirements. Just write the essay and we will assist you from there. Remember, if you don't start to write the essay, you will never get around to knowing how to properly develop your response. Get to it. I am eager to read what your potential responses might be.

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