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Overthinking the subject line for memo?

memo title


I am doing my first Memo. The assignment is I am writing a memo introducing myself to somebody who doesn't know me in a business environment; potential employer, etc. I have the memo part down. It's actually the heading where I am getting hung up on.

Would the "To:" heading be "To Whom It May Concern" and what would be a good subject line for this? Would "About Me" be too simple? What about "Introductory Memo About Me"?

Any help or tips would be much appreciated.


Jan 18, 2017   #2
David, the "To" line in the memo cannot be addressed to whom it may concern. It should be addressed to a person, usually one who heads the department, with his position and department indicated under his name. So it should look like this:

To: David George
Department Head
Human Resources Department

The subject title should say something specific about the content of the memo because the information in the outline section of the memo must provide an overview of the content of the actual body of the memo. So your subject title must contain information such as :

Subject: Considering the Application of David George

Always make sure that the subject line will contain information that will tell the reader what to expect in the body of the letter. Don't make it generic. It has to sound formal and professional at all times.

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