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Paper on computer programs and program development in businesses

lfcoats 1 / -  
Jul 6, 2006   #1
I am supposed to write a 3 to 5 page paper on this topic. I am havbing a hard time narrowing down my subject matter. I could use some help just focusing my ideas...
EF_Team4 - / 13  
Jul 7, 2006   #2

I will be happy to throw you a few ideas! However, I also want to note that in the future, any time you need to generate ideas, one excellent way is to Google the keywords (in this case, "computer program development business" and see what comes up.

In fact, this is what I did, and these are some ideas I found by looking through the various sites that came up: software development and small business applications; computer-based marketing tools; how computer software innovations drive business development; and international applications (and implications) of software development upon business in an increasingly globalized economy.

The other piece of advice I can offer is to look at your course syllabus and see the kinds of things you will be studying this summer term, and try to focus your paper accordingly.

Hope this helps!


Miriam, EssayForum.com

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