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Perfect Software - Help on generating topic.

FoxTrot05 2 / 2 4  
Mar 12, 2019   #1
Given theme: Given that perfect software is impossible, should consumers have the right to get compensation when programs malfunction?

Potential Essay Topics

-Right to compensation on malfunctioning software
-Compensation on non-perfect software
-Customers rights on malfunctioning software
-Dangers of malfunctioning software
-Compensating flawed software
-Software imperfections and compensations
-Rights of customers on malfunctioning software
-Breach on code of conduct on malfunctioning software
-Improbability of perfect software and its effect
-Concerns on imperfect software and its malfunctions

Im having trouble generating a strong topic to match the theme. I've made a list of potential ones but I'm not sure if they are sufficient enough.

Any help would be appreciated
julggo44 - / 2  
Mar 13, 2019   #2
I think it's full enough but some is redundant, personally.
For ex: "-Dangers of malfunctioning software" ( I think that you will off-topic if you wanna delve into the right of each consumers) or "Breach on code of conduct on malfunctioning software" .Or, you should debate less on those and concentrate on main thing.

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