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A persuasive essay on global warming: need help on the intro to my essay

I am not the best at writing papers, especially when it comes to the introduction. I have to write a persuasive essay on global warming. Can anyone give me an idea on how to do this? I just need a sentence or two to start my brain, I can usually go from there. I need to persuade the reader that humans do in fact have an impact on global warming.


Why don't don't you start your introduction using a statistic on global warming? You may also start your intro with a simple anecdote that is relavent to global warming. There are many ways to start an intro, your paper i believe i s informational so i would go with statistics.
I just need a sentence or two to start my brain,

Ha ha, you know yourself well, and this is a good way to explain how it is for all of us. We need to kick start our brains. :-)

But if you are knowledgeable about global warming, this is easy, and if you are not, it is impossible. You cannot just sit down and write it.

Google these terms:
global warming positive feedback
global warming atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases
climate change arguments
climate change natural
climate change human activity

Like Nancy said, it is great to use some statistics that you find in these searches.

Also, write some good body paragraphs. Do not try to write the intro until you have written a few paragraphs. :-)
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