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Portrayal of mental health and illness in the media or popular culture (how to start)

danny411 /  
Nov 13, 2011   #1

8 pages double spaced

Portrayal of mental health and illness in the media or popular culture, especially its impact on stigma

its an ethical discussion

got to use ethical principles of beneficence and non-maleficence, autonomy, and justice

so iam brainstorming now

tenative thesis;

The media plays an important role in shaping our understanding of mental illness. I believe stigmatizing the mentally ill undermines the ability to obtain health care resources and medical treatment to effectively manage the symptoms that causes distress.

or should i just talk about the effects of media portraying the mentally ill as dangerous

1 the media plays a central role in shaping our moral understanding of mental illness
2 by using the 4 ethical theories ethical conflict can be resolved


A the harm caused by negatively portraying the mentally ill as dangerous is disproportionate to the benefit of seeking healthcare resources
-70 percent of all media reinforces the publics perception of violence

b-media use of sensational language promote fear in the community and promote incorrect assumptions

c poor predictor of violence


a the inaccurate information by the media undermines the mentally ill, families, relatives and support networks to make autonomous decisions about their treatment options

b this causes the mentally ill to distrust the health care system

c Determinations of decision-making capacity raise special issues regarding the vulnerability of those suffering from mental disorders

a discrimination exemplifies the attitude that the mentally ill are dangerous

b inaccurate media depictions oppresses the mentally ill

c lived reality


the media has to assume moral responsibility of providing accurate information. this will promote compassion,trust, and respect in seeking health care treatment and resources
Jennyflower81 - / 690 96  
Nov 17, 2011   #2
Some people have very little access to proper healthcare/ medication. I think the media is subliminally creating negativity within television, movies (mental illness is sensationalized- causes misconceptions) commercials for meds-- ever watch a channel for an hour and see 6+ commercials for the SAME depression med for example? Are the pharm companies working with the government to keep us on drugs and sedated- yes, meanwhile keeping us in a constant state of fear (see "The Obama deception") raising anxiety levels. The economy is in a depression as well. Not sure if the main point is the mentally ill being dangerous- but stigmatized is correct. You may never know that the person next to you has struggled silently for years without reaching out for help, for fear that they are judged upon. Many people (especially men) are afraid to admit they have a mental problem, for fear of looking weak. In the body section, you are correct- the government wants americans to be in constant fear, they produce violence and anger with media. The point is- in a nutshell- if we were not afraid, and people were pacifists (think hippies 1960's style)we would revolt against the war and be more aware of the violence perpetuated by the media.

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