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Essay - positive things about a jet-ski accident. Introduction and thesis?

So it's an essay for English and I'm having problems with it. I don't know how to formulate the introduction and the thesis. Would I have to describe my experience or just list the positive things that came out of it.

Also, what would be some of the positive effects of something like this ? (I'm thinking about motivation to learn how to swim, learning about the importance of safety).

Take it real slow, first describe the setting like how you got there, talk about the characters and set up a plot. Then show the readers how you got in the accident<... Intro

Then for your body paragraph describe how this accident had a positive impact on you. so like "to learn how to swim, learning about the importance of safety, ect.." goes here.

For you conclusion sum the whole thing up in a four to five sentences.

good luck!
I'm having trouble setting up the introduction. It should end with a thesis.
I can't decide how to actually introduce my story.
Here's what I have so far:

Most of us at one time or another have life-changing experiences. Although some of them could have disastrous effects, others can transform our life in a positive way.

(It should be a bigger introduction, but ending with that thesis)

And then I guess this should be my body paragraph.

Looking back upon my life, I would choose my jet-ski accident as a life defining moment...
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