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Proper way to insert images into college-level paper

What is the proper way to insert images into a college-level paper? The paper is an evaluation of different ads found in newspapers, and the ads must be included (digitally) into the document. Should these be in-line (within the text of the document) or appended to the end of the document in a special section.

Exact Instructions:Include ads that target various social classes rather than choosing ads that all target the same social class. Attach a copy of each ad to the report.

I cannot find any online (or offline) source for this information. It is likely that I am just not entering the proper search query. If you are aware of the proper methodology, can you please point me to an online resource that discusses this topic?

Thanks in advance,

Jan 17, 2010   #2
I'm thinking either way would be fine.
In my opinion, if you do it in-line, it'd be easier to reference to!

Not too sure about this but the best way to solve your problem is ask your professors or TA.
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Jan 20, 2010   #3
Attach a copy of each ad to the report.

This makes it sound like they want a section written about each add, and they want a copy of the ad submitted WITH the paper.

However, many nice papers have images pasted right into the paper, centered. Right click the image and you will see an option to add a caption (if you are working in Microsoft Word).

Most importantly, ask the teacher about this. You should always feel free to communicate with teachers about this sort of thing.
Feb 1, 2010   #4
you can send emails to the secretary of that department too, or you may have a friends studying there

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