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Question on Personal Statement for NUS - should I mention the rejection here?

sachiny 1 / 1  
Dec 23, 2012   #1
I was rejected by NUS last year. I am applying again this year.
My question is whether I should mention the rejection in my personal statement?
Please help me
y0_3mma 19 / 28 6  
Dec 24, 2012   #2
I don't think you should mention that, they already know it.
you could instead say that even if you didn't want a gap year, your motivation helped you to develop 'i don't know' what skills and you had more time for certain activities.
OP sachiny 1 / 1  
Jan 27, 2013   #3
Here's my essay
Plz suggest any changes required
Science has fascinated me all through my childhood. I was always very inquisitive and the mechanism used in machines always intrigued me. In my high school days I used to keep an eye on the newest advancements in the field of technology. I had realised my passion for engineering long ago and had decided to pursue it after my parents encouraged me to follow my dreams. My dream was to innovate and make this world a better place to live in. I sincerely feel that studying in a prestigious and great university like NUS will provide me with wonderful opportunities to further my knowledge and skills which will lead me to my dreams.

I was good at Maths and Science and used to love solving problems. Gadgets always fascinated me. I have a keen interest in computers and I love programming. I love playing cricket and had represented my school for the same.

In my school years I have maintained high academic standards and I am sure that I will continue doing so even in the future. I was among the toppers in school and was awarded many certificates and prizes for my Std X performance. I was also awarded All India Rank 66(State Rank 3) in National Cyber Olympiad organized by SOF and was felicitated. I also was awarded the school whiz-kid medal from SOF.I was also shortlisted for the NUS Computer Camp by SOF.

I was in the top 1% of the ISC board as a result of which I received a scholarship of Rs.80000 per year for five years from the Government of India for higher studies. I also received a scholarship of Rs.25000 from an organization. I was the group leader in Scouts which honed my leadership skills and taught me how to work as a team and get the best out of people.

I love to face challenges head on and I am sure that my perseverance and hard work will help me achieve my dreams. I know that joining NUS will present me with many daunting challenges but the "never say die" attitude which I have developed will help me triumph and lead me to the path of success and glory.

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