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Why reducing stress is very essential? To concentrate on your work or school, or enjoy your life

May 14, 2016   #1
Reason why reducing stress is very essential because you have to get rid of stress so that you can concentrate on your work or school, or enjoy your life.

Help me to finish this essay.. i'm stuck :(

please give me a reason why reducing stress is very essential?

pebzna12 9  
May 15, 2016   #2
Hello Nazifa!

Here I try to give you option to the idea of your essay in ''the important of reducing stress"

Nowadays, stress has become of of the most common problems, especially for people who live in big cities where their life tend to rush, suffer from pollution, trap in a long period traffic and many other stressful activities. If we can prevent our self from that stress, it will be dangerous for our life because stress not only affect our physic but also our mind. Therefore, reducing stress is essential due to several reasons.

Firstly, getting rid of stress help us to improve our concentration so we can present a better performance in our work/task that will help us to gain a better achievement. ......................... (Support Sentences)

Secondly, stress that is being reduced will give us bigger opportunity in enjoying our life because without stress our mind and body will be much healthier. .............................. (Supporting Sentences)

To conclude, it is very necessary for us to free ourselves from stress in order to gain a better focus in doing things in our daily life and to run our activities with pleasure.

Hopefully, that will help you (:
May 16, 2016   #3
Hi Nazifa,

Here are my tips for reasoning the necessity to reduce stress.

1) Mental Disease
Stress is always a factor of mental diseases. If you cannot be free from the stress for a long time, we will have a risk suffering from depression, long-term anxiety, disorder and so on. As these diseases contribute to further problems such as insomnia or spouse for dementia, reducing stress is the first care to prevent such mental diseases.

2) Unstable Appetite
Under a high stress surrounding, some people's appetite will deteriorate and we will not be able to keep energetic body conditions. If the appetite is completely lost, we may have a danger of dehydration or malnutrition and even a death in such worst cases. On the other hand, other people will eat too much under a heavy stress. As we know, eating tons of amount will bring about obesity, diabetes and stomach pain. In order not to have such different problem, reducing stress is essential for our life.

I hope these ideas will be of help to your writing.


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