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Reflective Memorandum; write a reflection in the form of business memo to a classmate of your choice

norvado 1 / -  
Mar 24, 2015   #1
I have to write a Reflective Memorandum but I'm confused how to write it. Can someone give me example by answering to some of the questions bellow ?

Thank you.

Reflection # 1
Grade Weighting: 10%

Submission Instructions
This reflection addresses what you have learned and experienced during the first 4 weeks of the First Year Seminar for Business. Please bring a hard copy of your reflection to class on the due date. Also, save a copy of the reflection and upload it under 'Assignment # 1' in the BTF 101 subsection of the Classes & Projects area on your ePortfolio on the due date.

Your reflection should be a minimum of 200 words, typed, and double-spaced using 12-point Times New Roman font and 1-inch margins. Please cite all references to avoid severe penalties.

Write a reflection in the form of a business memorandum to a classmate of your choice in response to the prompts below. Please use the memorandum format discussed in the Introduction to Written Communication video.

- What are your arguments for the value of a college education? What are your doubts about attending college?
What is your definition of academic success? Has your definition changed since you started college? If so, how?

- Why did you choose to study business? What assumptions do you have about studying business and being a business professional?
- Discuss the different areas within the business discipline that interest you, and why. Are those areas offered as majors in the Business & Technology Department?

- Which skills and characteristics will you need to be successful as a business student and business professional? Which of those skills do you already possess?

- As businesses become more global, the ability to interact well with colleagues from different countries and cultures gains importance. Have you worked with colleagues who are not from your country of origin? If so, what useful lessons did you learn about dealing with differences in culture, language, etc? If not, what skills do you think you will require in order to navigate cultural, language, and other differences between you and your colleagues in the workplace?

- Identify 2 - 3 areas in your academic journey, which are challenging your success, be specific. Why are those areas challenging?
- Using the resources you identified during the scavenger hunt, discuss at least two strategies and campus resources which you can use to overcome your academic challenges.

Note to Students: Again, you should also save a copy of your reflection in a Word document as you will be required to upload it onto your ePortfolio when instructed by your professor and peer mentor.

'Discipline' Definition: A branch of knowledge, typically one studied in higher education.
The business discipline is therefore the branch of knowledge related to business.

lynzee22 - / 90 37  
Mar 24, 2015   #2
I would start by making a mini-thesis for each question. Then you can build each thesis into a paragraph (or a few paragraphs) to fully and completely answer the question. (make sure you clearly answer all parts of the questions - use the language from the prompts if this makes it easier for you)

Then you can read through it all and see what the major theme is. This could be your main thesis. After you do that, build an intro paragraph off of your thesis and a conclusion that brings together all your main points.

If it helps, you can write an outline first too
It would look liek this.
background info
thesis (main points)
mini-thesis (answer to the question)
points to back it up
expansion on each point

and you keep doing that for each question.

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