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Rochester Supplement on applying my powers to 'things needed to be done.'

The abolitionist and Rochester luminary Frederick Douglass said, "Man's greatness consists in his ability to do and the proper application of his powers to things needed to be done."

my powers

Your 'ability to do' will appear in other parts of this application. Please illustrate here how you properly apply your powers to 'things needed to be done.' The Rochester region and its University enroll, employ, and foster independent thinkers who create positive change in their communities. In seeking to join them, show us how you approach this ideal in your own life, family, and/or community.- 100 words

I cannot understand the prompt. can anyone help me here

Since it's a 100 words, just offer a small glimpse onto how you properly apply your powers in the things needed to be done.

i.e. what are your powers? how do you use them? what are your 'things needed to be done' in your family, community, etc? Keep it brief and focus on one aspect to make your point.

I applied to Rochester and completed the supplement. If you would like an idea, take a look at mine. I think you will be able to understand it better:

What it is basically trying to say is that you should write about something that you did positively to your community. You can say anything here, like money you gave to charity, helped tutor children and in my case built bridges between cultures. You can come up with anything that involved you helping others in the community, family, or your life. Hope I was able to help!
During my high school year, my class visited a Children Orphanage . When we first arrived , we handed out gifts to the children. We also entertained the kids with outdoor activities. It just made my day when I watched the kids have fun. The smile on the children's face is priceless. I felt delighted to be able to make positive impact in someone's life. By helping the less fortunate, I will be able to inspire other people to spread positive vibes and bring unity in people so that we can make this world a peaceful place to live in.

this is my version. hope you will be able to gain some ideas from here
Jan 6, 2017   #5
Falaq, while the examples above are good as references, I am afraid that you might accidentally copy what the other students have already done because you do not understand the prompt very well. So what I will do here is try to explain the prompt to you in a manner that you can refer it to your own family life in an effort to show how you "do things" for the betterment of your family .

In your family, think of a time when the members of your family were faced with a seemingly insurmountable problem How did you help the family overcome it? Or maybe, think of a time when you were being asked to do something by your parents which you did not really want to do but were forced to do because they told you that "You can do this." and it turns out that when you did it, your family was able to accomplish something better with your help. Something like, your family member being ill and then you had to help take care of the sick person in order to allow your other family members to be able to do other things. Think of something that you did which helped the family. That is the bottom line of that essay.

I suggest that you go with the family aspect of discussing the prompt because both the examples above already refer to the community. Since you want your essay to stand out when the reviewer considers your work, you should opt to write about a different topic than everyone else.
..how you properly apply your powers to 'things needed to be done....

This my friend is a pretty demanding topic. I'd suggest you to dig a lot deeper and finalize how have you impacted you locale. I'm sure you've done an interesting and influential task. Mention that in brief and repost here, as the word limit is ridiculously just 100.

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