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Scholarship essay on describing career or academic plans

Writing a plan

Hi I am writing a scholarship essay to get some help in financing my education.

The prompt says: describe your career or academic plans that you are eager to pursue at college.

I need some suggestions as to how I should start the essay. My career plan is that I want to own and operate my own business.

Thanks for the help.

Jan 26, 2017   #2
Utkarsh, you should first start by explaining your current career path and how it influenced your decision to pursue a business degree. That means, you have to relate all of your business related opportunities to the reviewer. This includes any entrepreneurship experience that you have. Even if it was only selling lemonade on your street corner. The scholarship reviewer needs to see that you either have the inborn talent to run a business or, that you have the potential to succeed with your business plan after you graduate. Either way, you have to establish the fact that you have the experience and foundation to help you succeed in this college major should you win the scholarship.

For your academic plans, explain why you have chosen to enroll at a particular university. Present the kind of curriculum that the university has for its business students and highlight the classes where you are sure you will excel because of your high school grades in the related math field. Relate your experiences whenever possible with your academic plans because the experience helps to enhance the academic plan. The academic plan should show an overview of how you plan to use what you learn upon graduation.

These are the suggestions you can use to start your paper. Once you have written your draft, come back here and post your essay for further review and suggestions from us.
Feb 2, 2017   #4
You have me at a disadvantage here Utkarsh. I am not sure if you want this essay to be graded on a TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, or PET level. My indecision lies in the fact that you did not specify this to be an exam essay and also, what kind of exam you are taking.The main components for the general scoring of an essay, regardless of the exam type normally fall within 4 - 7 categories. However, the 7 category judgment is normally used in a PET test, which I doubt you are taking so your essay would be judged on 4 criteria which would (normally) be as follows (Similar criteria for TOEFL and IELTS) : Task Accuracy, Lexical Resource, Cohesiveness and Cohesion, Grammar Resource and Accuracy. The most important score here will be the first one, which is task accuracy since you need to show that you can understand and deliver your work based upon English language instructions. If you fail the task accuracy part, you will find it hard to bring up your score in the remaining levels.

Now, if you asking me how the essay will be judged by a reviewer, then that will all depend upon the qualifications that you present. Nobody really knows how a reviewer judges an essay but it is normally judged based upon merit, the opinion of the reviewer, the school criteria for its applicants / scholars, and the supporting documents that you present. The essay is only a form of pre-interview that, when combined with your other documents creates the basis of the considerations for your essay and possible scholarship.

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