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Write about a past experience that you are proud of and how you intend to apply this experience in Global Business Major at Musashino University.

Hello guys,

I'm preparing for my scholarship essay right now and I got kinda stuck with this topic as I dont know exactly what to write in my essay. This is the first time I applied for a scholarship. Can anyone give me the format for this kind of this essay?

Thank you. I really appreciate you help. :)

Hi @jamienguyen0911

Well, there is no some kind of special format other than having at least 3 paragraphs (introduction, body and summary or conclusion). However, there are some tips that I can give to enhance your composition.

1. Be clear on what you want to say. Usually, beginners tend to forget what is their aim whenever they write a composition. I would say list first everything you want to say in your essay then choose what particular topic you want to emphasize and what are not.

2. Since this is about your past experience, it is important to make your ideas in order. It is hard for the readers to understand what are you trying to say if the ideas were scattered.

3. Be more straightforward. Always make everything concise.

4. For the body of your essay, you can put all of your experiences first that has something to do with the course then, before you end your body paragraph, tell then how are these experiences affected you, personally and how these change you as a mature person.

5. Last but not the least, always write from your heart.

I hope I was able to help you. Good luck and keep writing
Hi Jamie,it's my pleasure to share about writing with you. The followings are my suggestions:

if I found my self stuck when it comes to opening of writing, I usually use the format of 5W + 1H.
1. What: what you are going to write, the topic, the main idea
2. Who: is there someone whom you want to put in your story?
3. When: detail of timing
4. Why: further explanation about your topic/notion
5. Where: the setting
6. how: The way you elaborate your idea.

Goodluck! Keep writing!