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How would SI Scholarship for studies in Sweden be valuable for the development of the applicant?

laksmiayuk 1 / 1  
Dec 24, 2020   #1

How to properly address this question

how to answer In your opinion, how would SI Scholarship for studies in Sweden be valuable for the professional and academic development of the applicant?

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,317 3353  
Dec 24, 2020   #2
This question is best responded to by your job supervisor or anybody who has trained you, not your college professor or internship supervisor. The question is specific to your duties and responsibilities under your current position and the next steps in your career development. Therefore, you should not try to write this letter yourself. The content needs to be based on information known only to your immediate supervisor. The letter should explain:

- How he has observed you as a employee (work ethics, drive to succeed, make an impression on his teammates and supervisors, etc.)
- What plans for your future as a member of the company are (as shared with him during pivotal discussion moments)
- A strong desire to gain advanced academic theories due to some frustrations with his job performance or desire to improvement the job efficiency

These are but a few reference points that a supervisor can use to write the letter. Do not try to write this letter yourself, the reviewer will automatically know if you did not have your supervisor write the letter. It will be bad for your application to be caught recommending yourself in the letter.
OP laksmiayuk 1 / 1  
Dec 24, 2020   #3
is it okay that I made draft like this? the relationship between me and my supervisor is very close

Human Resource system in our company is inattention for improving work culture. They only focus on personally for achieving the target with unbalanced characteristics leadership in all levels. For instance, lack of soft-skill training to improve or create characteristics of both organisation and personal behaviour. Laksmi is one of talent employee in our branch. She bravely to initiate to the management by providing creative ideas relating to the improving quality performance of human resource. I see her potential due to Laksmi is frequently to discuss with me regarding how to manage people and organisation. She is very curious in personally and wants to broaden her capability experiences and knowledge in the field of human resources issues. Unfortunately, in our company very occasionally to providing expert or tutor regarding improving affective domain. I highly recommend her to join to this scholarship due to I believe by studying in Sweden and collaboration with Swedish Institue scholarship will gain for her either international experiences and networking. I hopefully, nearly in the future, Laksmi could contribute by implementing Swedish work-culture and join collaboration with Swedish's companies through our management to create a healthy organisation and sustainability leadership.

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