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Scholarships for Masters program in Finance; I have to give 2 recommendation and 1 motivation letter


This is Maruf from Bangladesh. I have applied for the SISS scholarship in Master's programme in Finance in sweden. I have done Bachelor degree major in Finance and Masters degree major in Marketing from East West University, Bangladesh. I have 6 years of work experience in production & operation management department. For the scholarships sweden Universityadmissions.se i have to submit 2 recommendation letters and motivation letter. My problem is i do not have any copy/idea of recommendation letter & motivation letter. i need some copy and better suggestion to get the scholarships. So help me to get this.


Dec 20, 2016   #2
Maruf, there are more than enough examples of successful motivation and recommendation letters that you can use as examples for your own work at this forum. Now, there is no perfect way to write those papers so the best thing that you can do is read the examples and follow the advice of the people who helped to improve the essays / recommendation letters. Let me be clear about something right now. You have to write these papers yourself. We are only here to advice and guide you towards creating the best essay that you can. We are not here to write the essay or letter for you. If that is the service that you require then you should hire a professional writing service. Based upon the examples that you will be reading, you can create your own motivation letter and have us review it here. I do not recommend that you write your own recommendation letter because the reviewer will easily see through a recommendation letter that was not written by a professor. Most of the students here try to write their own letters and they find it very difficult to do. It is best to have your professor write the recommendation letters themselves and then we can help you clean it up or improve the content. Don't write the letter yourself.

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