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Essay on School prefectorial body; Need ideas

stu6940 1 / 1 1  
Apr 11, 2013   #1
Hey! I am applying for prefect position in my school and thus I needed some ideas from you guys to write an essay on
"Why should you be appointed as a member of the prefectorial body? How will you balance your academic work and
responsibilities as a student leader?"

Reply at the earliest please :) And if you guys have done it earlier or something, please post it here. Don't worry I'm not gonna copy the entire thing. Just need some ideas that's all, since I am running short of time.

Thanks :)


I have been selected for School Prefectorial Board and have to give a speech on Wednesday 17 april 2013
Please help me to prepare a speech.

School= Cambridge School Indirapuram

jdawdy9 1 / 2  
Apr 13, 2013   #2
make sure you point out that as a leader it will not take away from your studies and that your studies wont take away being a leader as well pin pointing certain times for both in a day will be helpfull. Point out your asspects as a leader and how you are already helping out others as a leader. Tell them if you have been in a leadership roll and how it effected you and your life as well as those you help and leaded.hope this helps a little

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