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Single elderly people should be taken care of. Give a comment about this issue.

missshakira 1 / -  
Oct 4, 2015   #1
Hi, Im a student from Czech Republic and I need to write an essay. Im pretty good in English but i really don't know what to write about that. If you have a bit of time you can help me. I would really appreciate that:) I can help you with a Czech, Slovak or Russian languages if you would need.

Comment on the following problem:

Elderly people who live alone should be taken care of. In your comment use the information from the article below.

Elderly people who live alone can be monitored by new technology that analyses household sounds to ensure their safety.
The new sound monitoring system, developed by Fujitsu, the Japanese electronics company, examines noises in homes via a microphone connected to a data centre. The technology is refined enough to differentiate between the sound of a falling object or a collapsing human and can instantly alert family members or security firms if any abnormality is detected.

From breathing and coughing to sleeping, all noises made by the resident can be detected by the technology, in addition to analysis of daily routines, heat and humidity levels.

Write in your own words.
sarasajedi 2 / 3  
Oct 4, 2015   #2
household sounds this is not correct word collocation
data centre please explain this data center it is too general
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Oct 4, 2015   #3
Tamara, the essay speaks of how technology can be used to help monitor the elderly. Using the article provided, you should be able to detect the common problems that often visit the elderly who live alone. these problems include difficulty in breathing and falling. Now, based upon the information, you should be able to defend or disagree with the stance that elderly people loving alone should be taken care. The question is, should they be taken care of using technology alone? What do you understand about the plight of the elderly based upon the article? Do you agree or disagree with it? Basically, you were given a not so specific prompt to go with a simple article. The questions I gave you should help give you a direction for this essay.

When you write this essay, make sure to reflect upon the plight of the elderly. For example, look at the way your grandparents live. Do they live alone? What problems do they have? Do you think technology such as the one developed by Fujitsu can help them in the event that they have an accident at home? How do you see this service as being beneficial to the elderly? Or maybe it won't be beneficial?

As part of your comment, you should mention how the Japanese lifestyle is so fast and hectic that not everyone has the time to look after their aging parents or grandparents. Yet these elderly do not always wish to live in a retirement home where professionals are paid to look after them. So maybe, this technology can help them stay healthy, accident free, and alive when living alone could put them in the most danger.

I've given you some ideas about what to write in your essay with some guide questions to boot. If you respond to the essay using these information, you should be able to develop a simple comment based upon the article.
justivy03 - / 2,366 607  
Oct 6, 2015   #4
- ...by a new technology...
- ...that analyses household sounds to ensure their safety.

- From breathing and, coughing...
- ...heat and humidity levels can also be detected by this machine that will ensure the safety of the user and the people in the household.

More so, the alarm is sent to the authorities that will respond at any given time to aid the elderly. This development in technology is absolutely beneficial and will give piece of mind to our elderly

There you have it, I did a few remarks and a couple of sentences added to your essay, I hope you're not restricted with the number of words you can write so you can include my additions.

I believe you did cover what is asked in the prompt and taking care of our elderly is a noble thing to do.
pdeep37 6 / 13  
Oct 8, 2015   #5

It can be explain in terms of health monitoring system, communication system via voice or video call and home enviroment management and monitoring system.
jm7685 2 / 3  
Oct 9, 2015   #6
Some possible subjects to touch upon could be:
Why the elderly need this technology
How the elderly or more fragile or susceptible to the Cold and flu and that this technology could prevent deaths

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